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The MVP Precision Marketing Report is custom generated to analyze your local market place or a location you may be considering for growth. The Precision Marketing Report contains several analyses of a local market – snapshots, if you will, of the current market situation. The charts within the report help you see the "big picture" so you can determine where potentially profitable opportunities exist and how you might tailor the 5P’s of marketing (product/place/price/promotion/people) to meet the needs of those segments.

Questions answered by the MVP Precision Marketing Report include:
  1. What is the expected collision repair market potential in my area?
  2. What are the trends in market potential?
  3. Where do customers who are likely to need my services live?
  4. What are these customers like? How can I best reach them?

Precision Marketing Reports are built using user a defined market and defined radius around an address or zip/postal code. Each report contains the following information:
► CRPI Map (Collision Repair Potential Index)
The CRPI is the propensity of the people living in an area to have an accident AND the likelihood that they will actually get the vehicle repaired. The index is based around 100 being the average value. Therefore, a CRPI of 110 means they are 10% more likely to have an accident and get the vehicle repaired. A CRPI of 90% means that they are 10% less likely.

► Estimated Sales Map
Estimated Sales Volume tells you where the highest potential sales dollars are located in your market. This takes into accunt how many people live in the area, or population density, and the income level.

► Top Customer Locations by Zip/Postal Code Report
To help determine a marketing strategy that's right for you, the Top Customer Locations chart compares the CRPI data side by side with the estimated sales so you can make more informed decisions.

► Executive Summary
The Executive Summary provides a wealth of high level information about the market as well as summarizing the key points of the information uncovered.

► 5-Year Projected Market Growth Report
It is important to consider where a market is in terms of its projected growth. Is it a high growth area? Or has growth stabilized? This data can alter your strategy a little…or a lot. The trend projections can also be useful in determining future business needs such as manpower and facilities.

► Advanced Cluster Information for Top Five Clusters
The Advanced Cluster profiles segment neighborhoods based upon demographic and behavioral traits. This aids in tailor your message and communication medium to meet the needs and actually reach the consumers you wish to target.

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