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The Evolution of MVP Business Solutions

While many companies offer similar programs by title, none have the level of commitment backed by the proven track record of PPG Refinish.


PPG Refinish, a world leader in automotive finishes, recognized at the beginning of the 1990’s that the world of collision repair was changing more quickly than in previous decades. The changes hitting the collision business were presenting significant challenges and extraordinary opportunities. PPG also recognized that its own future success would require the success of its collision repair partners. Back then, there was a lack of resources for performance benchmarking, management training and business support. To meet that need, PPG introduced the MVP (Maximum Velocity Performance) Business Solutions program in 1994, with the primary aim of interdependent success. The strategy was and remains to achieve success through the success of our partners: collision repairers purchasing PPG materials.

The first step was to introduce the MVP Benchmark Analysis, a comprehensive tool for measuring the key performance indicators, critical to improving processes. Almost in parallel to introducing the benchmark analysis, the MVP Business Solutions team introduced one- and two-day training courses directed at business management fundamentals such as estimating, administration and production management. Next came the MVP Roundtable program, providing our partners with an opportunity for training and peer-to-peer exchange of ideas and best practices for improving processes and performance.


Over the years, accident repair opportunities continued to diminish. Profit opportunities continued to shrink and insurers gained more and more influence over access to collision repair work. While continuing its commitment to continuous improvement of the benchmarking analysis and business fundamentals training, PPG recognized that in order to be successful in the 21st century, shops would need to have a competitive advantage based on the performance indicators of Quality, Speed and Cost.

Circa 2000, the MVP Group introduced new tools, courses and supporting materials directed at cycle time improvement while also introducing the CertifiedFirst ® Network to help partners improve their marketing position and skills. The ParaKaizen® Performance Groups were launched and the company began its formal research around the practical application of Lean Six Sigma for collision. The Green Belt training program was then introduced.


Today, MVP Business Solutions has evolved to become the industry’s most comprehensive offering of business solutions tools, training and support services. We provide our collision repair partners, in addition to extensive training directed at business fundamentals, the industry’s most comprehensive training and support for the practical application of Lean Six Sigma tailored to collision (Green Belt). This includes a Leadership training program, Marketing Solutions, Business Solutions Conferences and more. While many companies offer similar programs by title, none have the level of commitment backed by the proven track record of PPG Refinish.


MVP was first introduced in 1995 with the vision to turn industry challenges into opportunities for interdependent success. Additionally, the mission was to provide PPG Refinish collision repair partners with business solutions directed at performance improvements that lead to a strong competitive advantage. Since the origin of MVP, PPG has continued its commitment to providing collision repair customers with training, tools and services needed to gain and sustain a competitive advantage.

1995 Creation of MVP Logo and Program Launch
1995 Launch of MVP Benchmark Analysis
1995 Launch of MVP Business Development Series
1996 Launch of MVP Roundtable Program
1997 Introduction of "People Working With People"
1998 MVP delivering 1000 Benchmark Reports annually
2000 Introduction of the CertifiedFirst® Network


On the path of continuous improvement, the MVP program constantly re-engineers its training and solutions- based research and development projects, as well as field experience. The MVP program is built on rock-solid industry knowledge and real world experience. MVP Business Solutions precisely meets the evolving needs of collision repair professionals, including any best in class.

2000 New Cycle Time Management course
2001 Introduction of Continuing Education for Insurers program
2001 Launch ParaKaizen Performance Groups
2003 Introduction of Lean Six Sigma and Theory of Constraints guidelines
2005 Launch of MVP Green Belt Training
2007 Throughput Performance Solutions introduction
2008 MVP Business Solutions Conference launch
2008 Classes now certified by AMI & I-CAR
2009 MVP Leadership Series introduction


The MVP 2009 track record is a key differentiator that no other training organization in the collision repair industry can compete with in the fields of continuous improvement, throughput performance, leadership and business performance. The high frequency of training delivered, as well as the broad range of our business solutions offered, outshines the pitch of all competitors.

9,000 + Number of owners and managers who attended MVP training programs
8,000 + Number of Collision Centers who participated in Benchmark Survey
6,000 + Number of Operations Manuals distributed in 5 languages
2,000 + Number of Training Days in Business Development
1,000 + Number of Layout & Design plans created for customers
600 + Number of owners/managers who completed MVP Green Belt Training since 2005
500 + Number of people attending MVP Business Solutions Conferences each year
200 + Number of years of collective experience across the team made up of Black Belt instructors
150 + Number of owners/managers who participated in the ParaKaizen Workgroups
125 + New business development centers, combined with existing centers, adds up to 27,516 the number of Business Development Centers across North America


MVP Business Solutions is now in the fourth generation of training development. Courses offered have increased in sophistication over the years. The MVP Team has gained extensive experience from the evolution of its corporate-owned programs and services. Today, MVP offers the largest scope of business solutions purposely designed or tailored for collision repair owners, managers, leaders and key personnel.

Performance Assessment
Management Tools
Throughput Performance Solutions
Leadership Solutions
Business Fundamentals
Marketing Solutions
MVP Conferences
Layout & Design Services


1994 MVP Program Launch Vision: Turning industry challenges into opportunities for interdependent success. Mission: Provide PPG Refinish collision repair partners with business solutions directed at performance improvements that lead to a strong competitive advantage.
1995 PPG Refinish introduces the MVP Benchmark Analysis providing collision repair owners and managers with a first of its kind, comprehensive analysis of business performance and using comparative performance to identify opportunities for improvement
1995 PPG Refinish expands commitment to MVP vision and mission. Adds dedicated resources to the MVP Business Solutions Group to provide training and consulting services directed at its collision repair partners
1995 PPG Refinish introduces the MVP Collision Center Operations Manual, a complete and comprehensive guide for best practices directed at business performance improvement
1995 Provide Benchmark Analysis training to PPG Sales and Support Organization enabling stronger, more strategic value added relationships that support the vision of interdependent success and the mission of provide collision repair partners with business solutions that lead to improved performance and competitive advantage
1995 PPG Refinish introduces the MVP Business Development Series training program – a suite of one-day courses directed at owners and managers for improving fundamental best practices and strengthening management skills such as Sales & Estimating, Job Costing, Financial Management, Production Management, Administrative Management, Compensation Planning and Marketing
1995 PPG Refinish expands commitment to management training. Adds internal and external MVP Certified Trainers to deliver the MVP Business Development Series training programs
1995 PPG Refinish brings layout & design services in house. Adds staff and equipment to better serve collision center needs for Quality, Speed and Cost
1996 PPG Refinish introduces the MVP Roundtable program to its collision repair partners. The 20-group format is launched creating an opportunity for its collision repair partners to meet during the year for the purpose of peer to peer exchange of best practices and performance.
1997 PPG Refinish delivers 3,000 Benchmark Reports to date, expands offering across North America and into Europe and translates MVP Operations Manual into 5 languages.
1997 PPG Refinish milestone – delivering over 225 days of Business Development training across North America and to date providing management training to over 1,000 owners and managers of collision centers
1998 Introduces an all new and improved MVP Benchmark Analysis. Delivering over 1,000 Benchmark reports annually
1999 Research and development efforts focused on cycle time improvement. Best practices and key performance indicators introduced to MVP Roundtable participants
2000 Introduces new MVP Cycle Time Management Course
2000 Research and development of CertifiedFirst driven by $1 million investment in J.D. Power study of customer satisfaction, combined with strategic relationships with service providers Underwriters Laboratories, Good Housekeeping and Customer Services (CSI)
2001 Introduces new management training programs and services directed at improvement of customer satisfaction
2001 Introduces the CertifiedFirst Precision Marketing report allowing collision centers to pin point marketing opportunities for growth
2001 The CertifiedFirst Network hits 1,000 participants. PPG Refinish begins promotion of its CertifiedFirst Network to national and regional insurers making them aware of the programs third party verification, focus on customer satisfaction and capacity
2002 MVP Business Development Series courses upgraded.
2002 MVP Roundtable up to 12 groups and meeting two times each year
2002 Additional staff added to the MVP Business Solutions Group to support increasing number of MVP participating collision centers.
2002 ParaKaizen™ Performance Group is formed with best in class shops focused on this new model for Continuous Improvement
2003 ParaKaizen Performance Groups explore Lean Six Sigma and Theory of Constraints to guide efforts for improved Quality, Cost and Speed performance
2004 PPG Refinish taps into its Global Lean Enterprise group, matching up Lean Six Sigma and Theory of Constraints Master Black Belt resources with its MVP collision repair experts launching an extensive Research and Development project directed at the practical application of Lean Six Sigma and Theory of Constraints to collision repair
2005 MVP Throughput Performance "Green Belt Training" program introduced to help collision repair partners improve Quality, Speed and Cost performance and turning the increasing industry challenges into extraordinary opportunities for profitable growth.
2005 PPG Refinish brings Jim Berkey to head MVP Business Solutions Group. Berkey, an MBA Engineer and Master Black Belt brings 20 years of experience to his team of MVP collision management experts.
2006 150 collision repair owners and managers have completed the MVP Green Belt training program to date
2006 MVP Business Solutions Group strengthens its bench recruiting and training its team and bringing the team to Black Belt certification
2007 300 collision repair owners and managers have completed the MVP Green Belt training program to date
2007 MVP Business Development Series hits milestone – Over 3,000 Owners and Managers trained on business fundamentals to date
2008 MVP Roundtable focus shifts to next level transitioning to bi-annual conference with focus on management training, performance improvement and execution. 250 leading collision repair owners and managers attend the 2008 conferences
2008 ParaKaizen shifts focus to small group training and meetings allowing for improved value and learn by doing model.
2008 MVP Business Solutions Group enters into extensive research and development efforts focused on the practical application of TWI for collision repair. MVP Black Belt resources receive certification and successfully launch pilot training programs with best in class owners and managers
2009 Introduces the MVP Leadership Series providing three new courses: Leading Change, Art of Execution and Art of Communications
2009 Over 600 owners and managers have completed MVP Green Belt Training and are on the path of practical application of Lean Six Sigma for their collision repair processes and gaining the competitive advantage of Quality, Speed and Cost performance.
2009 Over 125 owners and managers have completed the MVP TWI for Collision Repair following the MVP Green Belt training program and taking advantage of the skills needed to cause and sustain process improvements.
2009 Over 150 owners and managers participating in the ParaKaizen Workgroup program as a way of supporting their efforts focused on continuous improvement
2009 MVP Leadership Series launch, after extensive Research and Development was completed and launched in Q3-2009.