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Past Conference Breakout Sessions

The Art of Accelerated Resilience
Adapt Faster and Achieve More

Scottsdale 2022
Presented by: Courtney Clark

In today’s competitive world, there is no time to recover from our setbacks slowly. The strategies from Courtney’s book ‘The Successful Struggle’ will have your team managing change, chaos, conflict, and life’s other challenges in the fastest, most productive way possible.
In this session, Courtney will walk participants through proven strategies to increase employee engagement, reduce turnover, and provide less stress at the office. These techniques and practical applications will help teams be successful even in the most challenging situation, and designed to solve the problems of change, stress, and chaos as quickly as possible.
At the end of this session, participants will be able to…
 - Recognize the benefits of connecting with the purpose of change
 - Develop new strategies to maintain personal power and a sense of control during times of 
   change and chaos
 - Apply the “Stop, Drop, and Roll” technique for chaos management

Enhancing the Customer Experience
Scottsdale 2022
Presented by: Barry Rinehart, MVP Business Solutions

Why do some customers become fans for life?
Is it just luck or do some businesses know the formula for turning a customer interaction into a remarkable experience?
How do businesses like grocery stores, coffee shops, tire shops and other retailers turn common shopping experiences into legions of customers singing their praises on the internet and social media?
They know how to connect. They understand how to delight at every turn. Their business strategies are centered on customer experience. This is not happy talk for these organizations, they invest time and money to obtain these results. They understand contact points, satisfaction is invisible and they have learned where and how they impact their customers. They understand how different expectations affect customer’s perceptions and how to exceed those expectations repeatedly. 
Do you really want to know more about your customer’s perceptions and how to enhance their experiences with you? 
This breakout session... will reveal the core concepts that legends in customer service have used successfully to breed unwavering loyalty from people who love to talk about their experiences.
If you are looking to up your game and really move the needle on CSI, this session will help lay the ground work to enhance your customer’s experience! 

Going Toe-to-Toe with Google & Yelp
How to Win in the Marketing Arena
Scottsdale 2022
Presented by: Danny Sanchez | Autoshop Solutions, Inc.

You need to know what you are up against in the marketing arena. Rather than thinking of Google and Yelp as the opponent, it is time to start thinking of them as vehicles you can use to drive your business forward!
They might need a little maintenance, a repair here and there, but once they are in shape, they will have you running at top speeds in no time. Find out how you can use Google & Yelp to your advantage and beat them at their own game!
This session will focus on the following:
 - How the review process works with Google & Yelp
 - Does Google and Yelp ‘filter’ your reviews?
 - Can a bad review be removed?
 - What to do when you cannot remove a negative review
 - What should you focus on?
 Join AMI-accredited instructor Danny Sanchez, as he blends his experience as a former repair shop owner with his current expertise as CEO of Autoshop Solutions, a digital marketing agency for the automotive industry.

Managing Glass Replacement in an Era of Advanced Vehicle Safety Systems
Scottsdale 2022
Presented by: Joel Timmons | Profitable Glass Solutions Ltd.

As Advance Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) technology expands, the windshield gains more responsibility for housing ADAS technology.  This trend simultaneously drives increases in costs, replacement times, and liability.  By the year 2025, 50% of the windshields produced will include an ADAS bracket, yet the auto glass industry infrastructure to recalibrate windshields is still in its infancy. 
Are your operations prepared for this evolution?  Collision repair companies continue to optimize their internal operations yet many subcontract their automotive glass to outside operators.  Does this make sense in a lean process environment?
This breakout session will provide you the tools to effectively gauge if it’s feasible to bring glass in-house or if not, how to choose a quality partner. Your glass partner must be capable of meeting your internal needs in addition to meeting the requirements demanded of vehicle engineering today.   We will review what it takes to measure the performance and profitability of auto glass processes, enabling you to manage this critical process at a higher level.
We will examine how automotive glass impacts your business including:
 - The role of auto glass in safety
 - Current and future auto glass trends
 - Calibration tools for glass replacement
 - Impact on cycle time
 - Qualifying your glass professional
 - Key auto glass metrics
 - Protecting your business & customers
Joel Timmons is an automotive glass expert with 33 years of industry experience and the owner of Profitable Glass Solutions Ltd.  Profitable Glass Solutions Ltd. is a consulting and educational organization providing sales, marketing and operations consulting to retail, wholesale and manufacturing entities in or entering the aftermarket glass trade.

Don’t Get Left in THE DUST!
How to achieve that perfect finish!
Scottsdale 2022
Presented by: Jason Butcher, Executive VP & Marion Bush – Autotality / Filter Works
There is ever-increasing pressure to produce high quality repairs as efficiently as possible.
Are your techs spending too much time doing reworks? 
Do you feel like your paint booth is causing rework issues? 
The performance of your paint booth is directly related to the efficiency of the shop. 
Are you taking care of your most valuable asset? 
It is more than just a box with filters; it is an entire system that can make or break or your production goals. 
Let us show you how you can virtually eliminate the reworks in your shop and provide that perfect finish almost every time.  Understand your paint booth and learn how to make it work for you.
The presentation will focus on:
- Understanding the capabilities of your paint booth and refinish environment
- Proper paint booth operation, including tips on minor adjustments and/or
  upgrades to booth operations
- Reveal the real costs of not maintaining the paint booth and related equipment

Building a Winning Culture
Create an environment that will bring out the best in your best.
Scottsdale 2022
Presented by: Danny Sanchez | Autoshop Solutions, Inc.
Your shop’s culture is the frame that holds your business together. From writers to technicians, every member of your team deserves an environment that breeds creativity, leadership, and internal empowerment. Great people thrive in the right environment; they will not stay long in the wrong one.
During this breakout session, Danny will present his plan for bringing out the best in your team and give you the tools you need to create your own winning culture.
Key Takeaways:
- What is a winning culture?
- Be ready for criticism
- Hiring? Culture, skills & attitude
- A hiring check list
- Team member-On boarding
- Celebrate Everything!
As past owner of one of the most successful repair shops in the country and current CEO and founder of
Autoshop Solutions, one of Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Companies, AMI certified instructor Danny Sanchez knows what it takes to cultivate the right environment

Make Way for GEN Z!
Believe it or not…there’s life after the Millennial generation!
Scottsdale 2022
Presented by: David & Jonah Stillman, Gen Guru, Inc.

A new generation is impacting our workplace, and not enough leaders are paying attention! Are you ready for Gen Z?
The leading edge of Gen Z is well into their 20s with entirely new attitudes about work, technology, travel, money, and life.
In “Make Way for Gen Z”, you will learn:
- The key events and conditions that shaped Gen Z
- Gen Z’s traits and values, and how they play out in the workplace
- What it will take to recruit, retain, manage, and motivate Gen Z
- What are Gen Z’s consumer behaviors and how to connect best with this new generation
With content based on three national surveys and the first international study, primary data, best practices, and interviews with CEOs and Gen Zers, you will get the most comprehensive look at the Gen Z employee and/or customer.
This engaging, enlightening, and humorous presentation guarantees that you will learn not only who the Gen Z employee or customer is, but also how to reach them.

Advancing Repair Planning
Using resources and tools to improve your accuracy
Scottsdale 202
Presented by: Danny Gredinberg | Database Enhancement Gateway (DEG)

Advance repair planning requires more than “Guestimating”.
We will open up your eyes and show you how information available can impact your business and bottom line. Many of these resources are available FREE to the industry. 
We will also discuss how “Paid/Subscription”  information can pay for itself.
 - Database Enhancement Gateway-DEG: 
What Is the DEG; how this FREE Resource can add value to your business.
How to access the DEG Database and Accessing Information providers P-pages for all three systems.
 - SCRS Blue Print Optimization Tool:  
SCRS, Winner of 2019 SEMA new product showcase developed an
Automated version of the Guide to Complete Repair Planning tool. We will show you how this tool can identify commonly missed Items with a simple click and a few seconds.
  - Using OEM Owners manuals: 
How critical it is to review the owner’s manual with the prospective
customer to gain their trust, as well educate them on what it is required for a SAFE and Proper repair.
  - Using Vehicle manufacturer repair Information:  
Vehicle manufactures design and build vehicles including determining proper and safe repair methods to repair vehicles after “accident”. We will dive into repair information to document your repair plan.

Focused Execution
How to Boost Your Productivity and Get More Done

Scottsdale 2019

Presented by: Scott Friesen

It is no longer about time management. It is about focus management. Scott highlights the distractions that get in the way of doing our most important work. Through real-world examples and a healthy dose of humor, you will learn how to optimize your to-do list and organize your schedule for maximum clarity. For any professional seeking to create better habits that produce immediate results, Focused Execution is a fun and invaluable workshop.
This session will teach you:
– How to reduce distractions and recurring interruptions
– Why multitasking negatively affects your productivity
– To break overwhelming projects into manageable pieces
– How to develop a weekly routine to identify your most important work
– To create a meaningful task list by using the ‘2-Do’ list method
– How to create a system for capturing new ideas and lingering issues

Estimating Tools, Tips & Tricks
Scottsdale 2019

by: John Fagan II & Mark Bono

Estimate is no longer an accurate description of the expectation from a collision repairer!
Fewer supplements drove the need for complete disassembly. Photo documentation requirements to quantify payment take time. Vehicle complexity greater attention to detail. Construction methods and materials necessitate researching O.E. repair information. Interpreting and understanding written procedures requires complete comprehension. The application of those procedures requires specialized skills with specialized equipment. ADAS, determining what needs done, who & where it will be done add to the complexity of repairs. In addition, if you do not do all of it right, litigation is more likely now than ever.
Getting the documentation right is not an option. It is no longer a question of, “will things change with writing estimates”, it is a question of when and how many more changes are coming.
♦  Estimating tools, are they up to date?
♦  What are the things that are most important to be focusing on?
♦  What tools can I use today to find the answers I need?
♦  What should I be doing to prepare for the future of estimating?
In this session, we will discuss the most current and relevant tools available for estimators.

The Digital Age of Communication
Your Customers Demand Convenience

Scottsdale 2019
Presented by: Brett Steele & Tyler Brunatti

Is your business easy to find online? Do you stand out on the sites that matter? How easy is it for customers to get in touch?
From being found online to getting connected and winning repeat business—delivering convenience at every touchpoint is more important than ever. Creating a more convenient customer experience does not just attract more customers; it also allows you to operate at a higher level of efficiency and flexibility. As the way people interact with businesses changes, shops relying on business as usual to get the job done are finding themselves left behind.
With using digital communication:
– Grow your business—online reviews matter: 98% of consumers say online
   reviews have an impact on their purchase decisions
– Improve satisfaction—customers are more satisfied receiving text messages
   than other forms of communication
– What is your score?—3.3 is the lowest star rating of a business that 
   consumers would consider engaging, learn how to raise your score.


New and Emerging Vehicle Technology: ADAS and Beyond
Scottsdale 2019

Presented by: Jake Rodenroth

This session will cover:
Pre and Post scanning and Position Statements: Where are we today?
    – Most of the manufacturers have a statement,  
       what about those who do not?
    – Using the OE position to educate the customer, 
       repair procedures to support the need.
Understand the ADAS requirement and what to look for to insure the procedure was followed.
    – ADAS is new to EVERYONE in the automotive eco system. How do you
       validate the calibration was required, performed correctly, and documented 
    – What sort of repair scenarios create problems with ADAS calibration?
What is next? Telematics and the virtual referral
    – What types of information do telematics communicate?
    – How do I handle a connected car in a repair shop?
The next wave of Electrification
    – Enhanced powertrains and supporting systems.
    – Safety and shop readiness.
'LIVE' remote vehicle connection from the breakout session
    – Attendees will witness remote connectivity using asTech® and the OEM 
       scan tool during a calibration connection session being done Live-
       from the breakout session.

Let’s Not Split the Difference
How to Get What You Want Through Negotiation

Scottsdale 2019

Presented by: Mike Hourigan

Many view negotiation as a mysterious process; others see it as manipulation or dirty tricks. Good negotiation is a healthy process where everyone leaves the table feeling good about the outcome, themselves, and most importantly – each other.
From buying a car to making a multi-million dollar corporate purchasing decision, the skills are the same and everything counts! Every negotiation can be the beginning of the next negotiation and every negotiation has a beginning, middle and end. The trick to successful negotiation is making sure it is following your GPS system and getting you to your desired destination.
Mike Hourigan will show you how to remain confident by staying in control of any negotiation situation. Don’t enter into another high stakes negotiation – including buying a car or house – without learning these powerful skills.

Transformation of Our Industry As We Know It
Scottsdale 2019

Presented by: Susanna Gotsch, CCC

As the auto industry responds to the new imperatives – autonomy, electrification, sharing and connected – vehicles are being manufactured, sold and driven that are driving transformation across the industry. 
Vehicle cost and complexity has grown, and repair costs are rising faster than ever before.  Susanna will discuss the challenges for our industry as personal mobility and the vehicle fleet transform – specifically focusing on the near-term where we will have a fleet that is a mixture of automated, semi-automated and non-automated driving alongside one another. 

The Evolving World of OEM Certification
Importance of Quality Repairs & Accurate Documentation

Scottsdale 2019

Presented by: Jennifer Jarzembowski & Mark Olson

Explore the evolving world of OEM Certification, why it is important for all stakeholders, and why certification is here to stay!
Leading auto manufacturers have a significant interest in collision repair, and are doing their part to ensure that body shops have the proper tools, equipment, training and facilities to repair vehicles to manufacturer specifications, ensuring the fit, finish, durability, value and safety of the vehicle.
In this portion of the session we will explore:
– OEM Certification - Then and Now!
– What’s Important to the OEMs
– Considerations - OEMs, Insurers, Information Providers
– Considerations - Repair Facility, Investment, ROI
– New Program Updates: BMW, FCA, Ford, GM, Toyota, Subaru,
   Nissan/Infiniti, and Volvo
– ICAR Updates
Quality repairs and accurate documentation are important for any collision repair shop, and are a critical factor if you are looking to become an OEM certified collision repair provider and stay on the program.
In this portion of the session we will explore:
– The 15 Key Things that Most Shops Do: There are 15 key things that most 
   shops do, that can have a major impact on the business immediately. Nine of 
   these are major items that could put the shop into major financial hardship or 
   possibly put them out of business. Six of these items can cost a shop
   profitability, customer satisfaction and/or liability.
– The 10 Steps to Repair Quality: Repair quality is a simple process and there
   really are only 10 steps to a predictable quality repair.This session will cover
   the 10 steps, and provide attendees with a simple clear path to consistent
   quality collision repairs.
– The Bulletproof File: Repairs are becoming more complex – liability has n
   ever been more of a topic that could have a shop get into trouble.  When
   shops “get shot at” and they have a properly documented file, the process is
   simple, predictable and the best insurance a shop can have.  Learn the 
   components of a bulletproof file, what needs to be in there, why it needs to be
   in there, and how to stream line it to be simple.

Making Taxes Easy and Understandable
While Legally Saving Money

Scottsdale 2019

Presented by: Tom Wheelwright

Did you know that taxes are one of your biggest expenses in life?
In this interactive workshop, CPA, CEO and Tax-Free Wealth Author Tom Wheelwright will review How to make Taxes “Easy, and Understandable”, while Legally Saving Money. While most people run when they hear the word “taxes”, Wheelwright can help you put much more money back in your pocket simply by following the rules.
Tom will cover how to get a Refund, the top five most overlooked tax deductions, 3 big picture changes in the new tax plan and 3 things you need in your tax strategy.
Tom will conclude with an “Ask Tom Live” session where anyone can ask any tax-related question. While most people run when they hear the word “taxes”, Tom’s goal is to help you keep more money in your pocket, simply by following the rules.
In this session, you will learn:
– How to save money by being aware of the top five most overlooked
– Learn the top three changes in the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that will affect
   returns for the first time this year (2018 returns filed in 2019).
– Find out how to identify a great Tax Advisor for you.
– Learn three things that go into a tax strategy that can reduce your taxes.
– Plus - ask any question during the “Ask Tom Live” session at the end of this
Wheelwright believes that one legal change in your “facts” can change your tax, and result in massive savings over your lifetime.
As a global speaker who is passionate about helping people understand the tax law in easy-to-understand terms, Tom is the CPA and Rich Dad Advisor to Robert Kiyosaki (author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”). Do not miss this money saving session!

Leading Your Team Through Change
Miami - 2018

Presented by: Barry Rinehart
Implementing change in any business is tough…Collision Centers are no exception.
If you want the changes you implement to “stick”, you need to lead!
“Efforts to change a company will not succeed against the will of its employees”, warned the chief executive of a Fortune 500 company. That’s a grave warning when you consider that employees distrust four of every five change efforts they hear.
How can you implement change in your Collision Shop for the better in the face of odds like these? For the answers, we’ll hear from Dr. Kimberly Alyn how to lead change and get it to stick. You’ll participate in Collision Industry specific exercises reinforcing the techniques and methodologies covered.
Learning Goals:
- Recognize the four primary reasons why people resist change.
- Learn to effectively “sell change” by presenting benefits and overcoming objections.
- More effectively involve everyone in the organization in the planning and implementation of
- Become a “change architect” who is trusted by others.

The Magic of Exceptional Customer Service
Lessons from Disney U

Miami 2018
Presented by: Doug Lipp

How has Disney managed to keep its employees and customers so fiercely devoted to the brand?
ow has it managed to continually top the charts as one of the world’s most loved brands?
How can you learn from its practices to catapult your organization’s service strategies to even higher levels?
Learn the four components that are at the heart of Disney University:
Innovate | Support | Educate | Entertain
Discover how legendary service is a delicate balance between art and science. “Doing the ordinary in an extraordinary fashion” isn’t rocket science; customer service excellence must be ingrained throughout your culture. In this ever-changing economy, more companies than ever are realizing the strategic importance of transforming their service culture to differentiate themselves from competitors. 

Refinish Area Optimization
Maximizing Throughput and Profit

Miami 2018
Presented by: Robb Power
Are you frustrated that your paint team cannot seem to meet the production demands placed upon them? Are you looking for insight into how you could increase the paint department’s output?
In this session we will address the key contributing factors that drain production efficiencies and squash profits in our Refinish areas.
We will not only explore how these factors affect overall throughput and profitability but we will also talk through solutions to help you take your paint production to the next level. This includes a tool and process that will clearly define your processes and communicate those expectations through the organization.

Effective Output
Building a Flowing Process

Miami 2018

Presented by: David Knapp

During this session we will discuss why processes fail to deliver desired results and the costs associated with failure.
We will turn the discussion to review key value viewpoints which must be considered in order to build an effective process that gets consistent results while minimizing or eliminating wasted energy. 
Finally we will apply the ONE Box Model to an actual collision repair process to identify what is needed for effective output and continuous repair flow. 

Attendees will learn how to apply ONE Box to ANY process and get improvement.


How to Connect Strategy to Execution
Miami 2018

Presented by: Afterburner’s Charles ‘Chaz’ Campbell

Using the 6 steps to Mission planning, the attendees will create an individually-tailored, comprehensive Mission Plan with a tactical Course of Action and contingency trigger-action matrix to connect strategy to execution.
The team members will rapidly plan for a Mission/Goal that they are currently working on or create a new one. The plans are designed to quickly build an execution rhythm and cadence together as they execute the Mission Plan.
In addition to acquiring a clear Mission plan for success, they will acquire a working knowledge of the Six Steps of Mission Planning for current and future planning, as well as a deep understanding of where assessment activities occur to adjust and align execution and close the execution gap.

The Time is Now!
Building the Process for Scanning & Calibration

Miami 2018

Presented by: Jake Rodenroth, asTech 

With eight car manufactures having published position statements on scanning, it is no longer a question of ‘if it needs to be done’, …..IT MUST BE DONE!!
The bigger question now is ‘CALIBRATION’ and how will shops get this done?
How will shops identify the need, obtain the proper authorizations, effectively repair plan around the requirements, and proactively plan for getting the calibrations done?
Gain valuable insight and understanding from a process perspective, the nuances of calibration and how to effectively incorporate it into the repair process.
This session will cover such topics as:
- Emerging Technology Driving Scanning & Calibration Requirements
- Changes with the Vehicle Owner and Resources
- Where / How to find the Documentation
- Building the Business case to support the “Why”
- Challenges/Changes to the Repair Process
- Planning for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assist Systems)
- Tools and Resources (signup sheet)
- Summary / Q&A 

Do I Need a Fast Lane?
Miami 2018

Presented by: John Fagan II & Tom Nicholas

For many shops there may be an opportunity lurking in their work mix that has the potential to boost their overall performance.
The operating expenses associated with all repairs is relatively consistent regardless of severity. But on the profit side of the coin, lower severity equals fewer profit dollars. Naturally, if a shop is repairing a volume of scratches and dings more repairs are needed to achieve profitability. Smaller repairs with fewer hours exacerbates the cycle time challenge. If one day is sacrificed during the repair process performance is negatively impacted. Multiple day delays are devastating. Now compound this by the number of times it happens in a week, month or year.
Lots of cars and trucks to repair with small profit opportunities. If they aren’t completed on time it negatively impacts overall customer satisfaction, cycle time, touch time, administrative costs and growth opportunities may be limited. It’s a complex problem.
In this session you will learn the steps to take that will assist you in determining if a fast lane is a viable opportunity for your business. You will gain insight and understanding into setting up a fast lane, building the fast lane process, and how it can influence overall performance.

Maximizing Paint Booth Throughput
Proper Booth Setup & Cutting Edge Technology

Miami 2018

Presented by: Jason Garfoot, Senior Technical Advisor GFS/REVO

Learn key ways to stay profitable and significantly cut down booth cycle time.
Your paint booth can be the biggest bottleneck or the biggest asset in your shop. Operating and maintaining your spray booth at peak performance is crucial in today’s body shops, combined with proper paint booth setup to maximize efficiency and quality.

You will also get a look at revolutionary technology that cuts cure times down to a fraction of what they once were, while simultaneously improving the quality of the finished repair.


Lightning Execution
Skills, Tools & Strategies to Make You More Productive

Scottsdale - SPRING 2017
Presented by:  Steve McClatchy   

Do you have the information you need at your fingertips when you need it?  Do you have a foolproof system for making sure nothing falls through the cracks?  With so many productivity tools available in today’s technology-connected world, are you taking advantage of all of them?   Great organizational skills are at the core of your ability to get things done.  In this dynamic presentation Award Winning, New York Times Bestselling author, Steve McClatchy, brings you the four keys crucial to effective execution and three skills possessed by the most organized executives.  If your goal is to get more done in less time with less stress, this is a don’t-miss presentation.
- Execute using technology, tablets and smartphones more effectively.
- Document, retrieve, organize and act on information quickly. 
- Manage mini-projects so that nothing falls through the cracks.Find what you want, when    
   you want it, so you can finish it faster.

Maximizing Millennials
Recruit the Right Ones, Retain the Best Ones and Lead the Achievers Into the Future

Scottsdale - SPRING 2017
Presented by:   Paul Moya

Have you ever wondered why some companies and leaders are able to succeed (and even thrive) with Millennial employees, while others continue to struggle and suffer?
In today’s ever challenging and rapidly changing workplace, recognizing and maintaining talent in a culture in which Millennials thrive is critical to the future of any business.
Paul has spent the last decade advising and studying the best and brightest CEOs and leaders across the globe and now he is sharing his proven ways to transcend generations once and for all. In this dynamic program, Paul will teach you the one catastrophic mistake to avoid when recruiting Millennials, how to become the “go-to” place for retaining top talent, and his “3-Part Power Play” to leading the achievers forward.
In Maximizing Millennials, Paul…
- Unveils his ‘Perspective Equalizer Formula’ that allows Baby Boomers to understand
  Millennials in a whole new light — this is a game changer!
- Reveals the 3 Deadly Sins that drive away Millennials in droves…and how to stop the
  revolving door right now.
- Breaks the myths and exploits opportunity in the cracks to not only solve recruitment and
  retention challenges but to skyrocket company profits fast.
- Divulges the step-by-step leadership actions that transcend generations (and cultures) that
  your audience can implement starting the second they leave the session.
- As a Millennial himself, Paul will infuse audience interaction, deliver breakthrough insights
  and actionable data to help your company recruit, retain and lead next generation

Emotional Intelligence
The Secret to Your Success!

Scottsdale - SPRING 2017
Presented by:  Jim Berkey & Robb Power

Have you ever wished that people would come with instruction manuals? As managers and leaders within your organizations you must find ways to get things accomplished through others. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand what makes ourselves and others tick and then use that insight to make better decisions on how to manage our own emotions and relationships with others. This “Soft Skill” is the proven key to unlocking your organization’s potential. The good news is that this is truly a skill that can be learned and improved upon.
Each participant will receive an E-book and have an opportunity to complete an online self-assessment prior to the session. Through this seminar and assessment, you will gain a better understanding of your current Emotional Intelligence quotient and more importantly very specific areas that you can personally work on to improve your effectiveness in working with others.

Big Data, Analytics, & Telematics
Just Words or Are We Looking at Fundamental Change?

Scottsdale - SPRING 2017
Presented by:   Jason Verlen

Big data, analytics, and telematics are now in the press every day.  These capabilities are very real and whether you know it or not are already influencing your life in an increasingly ubiquitous manner.  While this is true, we are at a tipping point in terms of the kinds of problems that can be addressed using these technologies, which means we could be in for another wave of use cases and advances.  During this presentation, Jason will share his broad view on these topics, as well as tie his remarks to the collision ecosystem, which itself is adopting these technologies more aggressively, and possibly setting the industry up for the next wave of innovation.  

Six Steps to Effective Mentoring
Scottsdale - SPRING 2017
Presented by:   Barry Rinehart

“Better bosses generate better results,” pointed out a recent article by Harvard Business Review. This article pointed out research findings by the National Bureau of Economic Research that, “The most significant impact bosses had didn’t come from their motivational skills, but from teaching workers how to be more productive. Capability building. That’s important.”
“Mentors provide the context for people to grow.  When you mentor, you’re doing what leadership is all about.” – Dr. Terry Paulson
Through a combination of presentation, discussion, hands-on exercises and individual planning we’ll discover the qualities demonstrated by great mentors, assess your own qualifications to be a mentor to others and become an effective mentor by following six important steps. 
Key learnings in this session:
- How to create the context for growing your team’s abilities, knowledge and confidence
- Stretch learning and expand influence
- The "Why" of consistent questions

Tip of the Technology Iceberg - Panel Discussion
Scottsdale - SPRING 2017
Presented by:
- Mark Allen, Audi of America
- Eric J. Mendoza, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc
- Richard Salceda, Mazda North American Operations
- Doug Kelly, Collision Diagnostic Services
- Bill Bauer, ALLDATA
While the collision industry has been focusing on the Pre and Post Repair Scan issue, what lurks beneath the surface is much more concerning. The number of onboard systems on today’s vehicles can range in the hundreds, any of which can be affected by a collision, including the repair process itself. Meanwhile recalibration, diagnostics, and body repair procedures are becoming more specific and individualized for each make and model.
In this panel discussion session, representatives from Audi, Toyota, Mazda, and asTech will take a deeper dive and address repair challenges they see today and in the future for collision shops in every aspect of repair.  Attendees are encouraged to engage in conversation with these experts.   

Photo and File Documentation
Scottsdale - SPRING 2017
Presented by:  Michael A. Cassata Jr.
Carriers want and expect you to provide them with a clear assessment of the loss vehicle.  This includes photographs depicting the damages with the necessary file notes describing the damages and any other pertinent information available to you.  A true appraisal of the loss vehicle.
This program includes:
- Review of the importance of Clear, Concise, and Complete professional file documentation.
- How to improve your skills when taking photographs for damaged vehicles to depict all
  damages clearly.
- We will discuss how to photograph Collision, Comprehensive and Total Loss Vehicles.
- Many DRP Managers will tell you that file documentation may be a larger challenge for
  some appraisal sources than the actual quality of the appraisal or quality repairs to the
- Understand the importance of discoverable file documentation and how it relates to the
  legal system. You are the appraiser of record and responsible for the content of the claim
  file that you submit to all stakeholders involved.

Professional Selling Skills
A must have for Guest Service Representatives and Estimators

Scottsdale - SPRING 2017
Presented by:  Sharon Gregory and John Fagan

Many guest service representatives and estimators spend most of their training in a collision shop learning about collision.  But few have ever had formal sales training!
They know all the things they need to do to set up a customer for a repair, but don’t necessarily know how to connect with that customer or create a bond that will foster loyalty. 
Asking the right questions, picking up on buying signals, handling objections all create panic in the customer service representative.  It is difficult to do a good job of getting the keys of that customer when the CSR doesn’t feel they have the skills necessary to close the sale.  Many collision shop employees haven’t had any training in this area so they are often not very confident in their ability to make that sale, leaving many opportunities on the floor and dead on arrival. 
The good news is that we have a class that addresses these issues and teaches customer service representatives and estimators how to sell professionally and hopefully increase the close ratio of that shop.
Some of the areas covered are:
- Creating rapport
- Asking open ended questions to get more information
- Listening and offering Features and Benefits
- Handling Objections
- Closing the Sale
- The Professional Sales Mindset
- Understanding Buyer Types 
The workshop is interactive with many exercises for the participant to practice the skills. 
We urge you to invest in the most important part of your business.  Your frontline people who sell the jobs!  

Fusion Marketing – 2020 Marketing & Beyond
Fusing Traditional Media, Social Media, Digital Media into… TraDigital Media!
Scottsdale - SPRING 2016
Presented by: Lon Safko
If you are still calling yourself a “Social Media Expert” then you’re announcing to the world that you have been left behind. If you’re an expert in Facebook and Twitter, then you’re trying to build a house restricted to using only two tools. Social media is an amazing marketing tool set that’s been around for the past 5+ years, take it from me, I wrote the book on it! If you’re still stuck looking at social media as a standalone technology, then you’ve been left behind.

Fusion Media Marketing is the next step that brings our 6,000 years of traditional marketing, the exciting digital marketing tools of the Internet, and social media and fully integrates them into one seamless tool set that will accomplish every goal you set! Fusion Media Marketing isn’t just about integration; it’s about a totally new concept of “Interconnecting” all of your traditional and digital tools. Fusion Media Marketing is about looking at all of your tools, campaigns, and conversion strategies first in two-dimensions, then taking your entire marketing strategies into the world of three dimensions. This allows you to look at everything you do in marketing in a completely different way!

Key learnings in this session:

- Understand the difference between Traditional, Digital, and Social Media Marketing
- When you look at your traditional tools, look at ALL of them.
- Don’t keep doing your marketing by accident, do it on purpose.
- Learn what your “Cost of Customer Acquisition” is and why it is so important.
- Discover how you can measure EVERYTHING.
- Learn how to totally integrate all of your marketing tools into one toolbox.
- Use the Safko Marketing Wheel to dive deeper into your process.
- Create a custom marketing plan for the next year, next quarter, or next
  campaign, by following the Wheel.
- Identify your key marketing objectives.
- With only 5 objectives and your custom tools, quickly list more than 100    
  sound tactics to create your killer custom plan!

Servicetopia - The Ultimate Customer Service Experience
Scottsdale - SPRING 2016
Presented by: Jason Young

In this keynote, Jason Young explains how a company can deliver a transformational service experience — Servicetopia — with each and every customer encounter. What is Servicetopia? Imagine an environment where all employees are aligned with the mission and vision of the company and every day they go to work committed to providing exceptional service to every customer. They understand their purpose in the organization. They perform their duties with passion as they seek to meet every customer’s needs. They are professional and work tirelessly to build customer loyalty. They follow a carefully outlined process to ensure customer satisfaction and eliminate pain and frustration. And in the end, they add a little pizazz to surprise and delight the customer.

Purpose. Passion. Professional. Process. Pizazz. These are the hallmarks of Servicetopia, the behaviors required for delivering exceptional customer service, every day. You’ll discover that a commitment to Servicetopia can help your organization make a name for itself and impact the bottom line.

Predictive Hiring?!
Scottsdale - SPRING 2016
Presented by: Jim Berkey & Robb Power

What if there was a way to gain insight into whether or not a person was a probable fit for a job?  We’ve all seen it before, we hire a person as a Collision Center Manager who seemingly had all the right qualifications and interviewed well but they were unable to perform for various reasons.  After that experience we decide that promoting from within would be a better approach.  After all, this person already knows the business and culture and they have been an excellent estimator (or maybe Production Manager), yet they end up Failing to make a successful transition.

We all know that this turnover, especially in key leader / supervisory roles has a significant negative impact on a business. 

In this breakout we will introduce you to an assessment tool that will give you incredible insight into fit for the role, based upon work preference suitability. This tool has the potential to greatly reduce costly miss-hires, identify best-fit internal candidates for promotion, and it can also be used as a developmental tool to identify improvement opportunities for existing or potential Managers.

The Secret Weapon to Get Results!
The Rapid Improvement Workshop or RIW
Scottsdale - SPRING 2016

Presented by: John Fagan II

In a Lean enterprise, management uses the Value Stream Map to develop the business strategy for improving quality, speed and cost. Once that strategy is clear, a Lean enterprise leverages the workforce’s talent and abilities, allowing decisions to be made in the quickest time by the people who do the work. Small, cross-functional teams define the tactics required to deliver the organizations strategic objectives. This is the essence of a Lean Rapid Improvement Workshop, also known as a Rapid Improvement Event or Kaizen Event.

The proven Lean tool for developing a culture of continuous improvement is the RIW (Rapid Improvement Workshop). By definition; A structured team activity designed to remove waste and implement improvements in a defined work area or process, all within a few days. In this breakout session we will examine the elements of a properly structured and executed RIW. We will also explore some of the immediate measureable results organizations can realize with these events. Then we will take a look at the intangibles, the cultural shifts that happen when this Lean tool is fully and consistently deployed.
Key learnings in this session:
- How to organize an RIW
- How to schedule an RIW
- Select a cross functional RIW team
- Common pitfalls and how to avoid them
- The importance of metrics

“Handling Public Relations when the Negative News is Looking at You”
Scottsdale - SPRING 2016
Presented by: Gerard Braud

Every day we see people make fools of themselves talking to the media. What they say can be embarrassing, it can destroy their reputation, and it can have a negative impact on their company. Spiced with humor and real life examples of those who have done well and those who have blown it, Gerard Braud (Jared Bro) gives you the secrets you need to tell an honest and compelling story every time you talk with the media. With more than three decades of experience as a member of the media and as a spokesman, Gerard will share his proprietary system that eliminates spin and helps you deliver a perfect message every time.
Key learnings in this session:
- Discover why the facts don’t matter
- Learn why you get taken out of context
- Explore what really gets left on the cutting room floor
- Discover the truth about social media & employees during a crisis

Getting the Most from Your Parts Vendor Relationships
Scottsdale - SPRING 2016
Presented by: David Knapp
In this session we will briefly review the content of the new upcoming PPG MVP Parts Management Business Development Series course.  We will focus on a formal parts policy and how to identify the balance you need in speed, quality and cost through your parts buying relationships.  We will discuss several tools that can help you make an informed decision for a healthy parts procurement program at your shop.  Through a properly established relationship and solid process expectations you will learn how to apply well defined policies to meet the service and support needs of your organization. We will also discuss key elements needed to gain cooperation from your preferred Parts Vendors. Participants will also receive a detailed parts policy and needs assessment/vendor evaluation tools.

Your first aluminum estimate, are you ready?
Scottsdale - SPRING 2016
Presented by: Mark A. Bono

It’s obvious that Aluminum will continue to play a major role in new vehicle construction in the coming years. Many shops have made significant investments in equipment and technical training to prepare for aluminum. But what about your estimators? Are they ready to write accurate and complete estimates on a metal that has dramatically different requirements to repair? Are they ready to discuss the very different techniques required to repair or replace aluminum components? Do they understand what it takes on the shop floor well enough to be able to sell it to your customers and insurance partners?

We will discuss estimating structural and cosmetic repairs. Attachment methods, materials and where to find documentation to support the estimate. We will explore fasteners, corrosion protection and the use of heat. That 2 hour dent requires a lot more operations and time when you’re looking at repairing an aluminum panel than it does when working with steel. This session will provide a foundation for training your estimators on aluminum estimates.

Effective Non-Verbal Communication - Body Language
Your body speaks louder than your voice

Scottsdale - SPRING 2016
Presented by: Tonya Reiman

Body language or non-verbal communication makes up approximately 75% of all communication. Effective communication is the golden key to so many doors in both your business and personal life. Becoming an effective communicator can literally be a life changing experience.
How do you become a powerful communicator? It takes a lot more than words. Learn the key skills that will make others want to be around you and how to overcome mistakes that curtail communication.

Learn to read other people’s nonverbal communication and body language.  Are they truly interested in what you are saying or is their body language telling you a different story?
Key learnings in this session:
- Three keys to build rapport in the first few minutes of a conversation
- Discover how to be perceived as credible and reliable
- Master "looking" relaxed in any situation
- Communicate powerfully with your words, your tones, and your body
- Dominate a conversation simply by listening skillfully
- Learn to read body postures
- Learn to read what someone's face is saying
- Identify the cues for lying and learn to read them quickly and easily

"It Won't ever happen to me..." ...and Other Famous Last Words
The Importance of Human Resource & Wage/Hour Compliance
Boca Raton - FALL 2015
Present by: Cory J King

Shop owners spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, and devote countless hours, to building successful companies. That can all disappear in an instant with one employment-related lawsuit. Cory J. King has handled hundreds of lawsuits and claims against employers, and nearly every time his clients report “I never thought it could happen to me…”. Mr. King will teach owners and managers how to shield their companies from devastating employment lawsuits. You will leave this seminar with real-world tools to hire, manage, discipline and terminate employees while avoiding litigation. Mr. King also will share ideas and instruction on avoiding costly wage/hour and class-action lawsuits. Anyone who has worked hard to build a successful company, and wants to keep it, cannot afford to miss this seminar.

CCC One Training Part 1 - How thorough are your estimates?
Does your estimate communicate what is necessary to repair the vehicle?
Boca Raton - FALL 2015
Presented by: Will Shen

An in-depth training session utilizing CCC ONE® estimating tools that will help you:
− Write estimates that match your repair standards
− Maintain and document those standards with resident OE repair procedures
− Decrease supplements. Improve front-end efficiency
− Reduce your “why?” discussions
− Reduce your “how?” discussions
− And communicate all with your customer electronicall

CCC One Training Part 2 - Are You Managing Your Vehicles In Production or Are They Managing You?
Maximize Your Daily Production / Workflow in CCC ONE® – Repair Planning
Boca Raton - FALL 2015
Presented by: Jon Novak

A detailed training session on CCC ONE® Production Schedule and Customer Experience Dashboards that will help you:
− Create Repair Plans within CCC ONE® that reflect an accurate repair process
− Manage your daily production schedule using accurate repair plans
− Manage your customers experience with accurate repair planning
− Maximize your Customer Experience Dashboard usage
− Manage Customer updates through Call Plans and UpdatePlus
− Log all Customer communication in a centralized location

Don't let cybercriminals in the door!
Code Red: Protecting your company, your customers, your brand

Boca Raton - FALL 2015
Presented by: Theresa Payton

A practical, hands on workshop to give the tools you need to build your offensive strategy to beat the bad guys.

Fighting cybercriminals sounds like an expensive and impossible venture but it doesn't need to be. In this interactive session, you will learn real life examples of cases that fought back cybercriminals like the pros do. Often times, it just needs creative thinking to beat the bad guys and not always your check book. This interactive session will also provide an electronic packet of things to do back at the office and free, best practices frameworks you can adopt tomorrow at your company. Whether you employ 10 people or over 1000 people, these strategies will help you improve your threat posture.


Thriving in The Age of Distraction
Boca Raton - FALL 2015
Presented by: Curt Steinhorst

For the first time in history, we live in a world without any barriers to connection or communication. This has fundamentally altered the way people work, engage, communicate, and relate to one another. The same technology that simplifies processes compromises our focus and makes it ever more difficult to reach increasingly distracted customers. Attention resources have never been more competed over, or more depleted. We are asked to process four times the information that Americans dealt with in 1986, but with less space and time to actually think. Advertisements, alerts, emails, constant notifications—no wonder the average American struggles to make it three minutes without being interrupted!
In this intensely practical speech, Curt Steinhorst shares communication insights that help you rise above the noise and focus strategies that help you block it out.
This session addressed questions such as:
− How do you create environments and processes that actually bolster your capacity for focus rather than harm it?
− How do you balance between staying informed on trends though connectivity and seeking to create the trends through focused ingenuity?
− How do you engage with emerging technology without letting it exploit you?
− What communication strategies will help you reach a customer in constant distraction?

Preventing Financial Theft / Embezzlement
Boca Raton - FALL 2015
Presented by: Keith Campbell

While many people think of their workplace as a safe environment, it is estimated that losses due to employee theft in the United States ranges from $20 to $90 billion annually. Within the collision repair industry we may feel shielded from risk due to our operating model, improved financial technologies, and insurance payment processes. Despite the nature of collision, theft by employees is one of the most prevalent and costly problems faced by today’s business organizations, either private or public.
− This workshop covered:
− The types of fraud and embezzlement
− The common reasons for fraudulent behavior
− Warning signs for Identifying fraud/embezzlement
− Weak spots for embezzlement
− The basic forensics for uncovering/proving embezzlement
− Preventative internal controls to put in place
− How to protect yourself legally when you do suspect theft
− What to do and say to the rest of the team after uncovering embezzlement
We will use real-world examples and stories to help illustrate what can happen and how to respond. Please join us for this critical workshop designed to help protect your business and your financial well-being.

Negotiation Anatomy
Boca Raton - FALL 2015
Presented by: John Fagan II, MVP Business Solutions

Everyone does it! Most of us don’t like it. You do it every day in your personal and your professional life. Negotiating is a necessary skill for anyone. You don’t have to be a born negotiator to be successful. It can be learned. Even if you’re a natural, knowing the anatomy will enhance your skills. Negotiating Anatomy explores the construction of negotiations; the types, steps and other key considerations. Equipped with the anatomy of negotiations you are able to strategically plan and prepare for negotiations.

This breakout featured interactive activities focused on you and your own negotiation strengths. Participants learned how to investigate interests, create options, the importance of trust, tips to build trust, consider the other parties point of view and more. Additionally they also receive materials to take home that will assist as they prepare for future negotiations. Effective negotiation skills are one of many keys to success.

Collision Center Administrative Excellence
Handle the growing administration load while improving customer experience
Boca Raton - FALL 2015
Presented by: Mark Mueller, MVP Business Solutions

It is no secret that the Admin staffs in today’s collision center are challenged with an increasing workload while at the same time needing to elevate the customer experience. The role of the estimator is uniquely challenging in that it requires the best technical skill and attention to detail while at the same time requiring the ability to work with and positively influence people whether it be the customer or the insurance carriers. It is not an easy task to find people who have the ability to excel in both of those worlds. Add to that the fact that as carriers reduce staff additional work load is shifted to the shops meaning estimators have even less time to get everything done AND provide the customer experience required today. Today more than ever before it is critical that we have the right people doing the right portions of the work required so that we maximize performance and profitability while also maximizing the experience for the customer.
In this workshop we will learn techniques that allow us to assess and challenge the way admin work is currently being done, how that work is being distributed within our current admin staff and how we can simultaneously improve work load balance get the right skills in the right roles so that we may improve effectiveness and performance while better serving the customer.
Elements included:
− Developing the roles and responsibilities of the CSR
− Taking control of the Estimate, Drop-off, Redelivery experience through scheduling
− Connecting more effectively during the Sales Process to improve your close ratio and capture the cash
− Clearly defining and communicating repair expectations from the customer to the shop
− Improving communication before during and after the repair improving CSI and kept informed scores
− Capturing information about the loss and gathering technical data to set the Estimator up for success prior to the estimate, improving the accuracy of damage analysis and improving gross profit retention
− Defining internal expectations and improving process step hand-offs

Designed to Flow
Lean design principles for body shop design

Boca Raton - FALL 2015
Presented by: Tom Nicholas, MVP Business Solutions

Does the shop just not seem to flow as well as it could? Do cars seem to just stack up? Do your technicians have to move 2, 3, or even more cars to get the one they need? Ever “get your daily exercise” just looking for a car? These are all indications that the layout of your facility could be holding back production and throughput. Application of a few simple principles to the layout of your shop can help alleviate these issues and increase the productivity of your shop.
During this session we will discuss application of Lean principles and shop layout and design considerations to improve workflow. Often simple changes to an existing shop can reduce many of the wastes of motion and transportation that are commonly found in collision repair shops. These same changes can even help identify work priorities by designating how and where to put things when you are done with them as well as where to go for your next job. Join us for this enlightening session on re-designing your shop to improve production flow.

The Financial Numbers You Lose Sleep Over
Getting Them, Understanding Them, and Using Them to Build Your Business

Palm Desert - SPRING 2015
Presented by: Gene Siciliano, Your CFO for Rent®

What are the numbers you worry about long after you’ve gone home at the end of the day?
What metrics really tell you if it’s going well or not?
Everyone remembers “what you don’t know can hurt you.” But it can still hurt if you know it but feel unable to fix it. In this session we’ll discuss the numbers that get to the heart of your business – the ones on your financial statements and even more importantly the ones that aren’t.

In this session you will learn how to:
• Pull the 5 key metrics from your financial reports
• Dramatically improve the quality of your profit forecasts
• Focus on the numbers that REALLY matter
• Recognize and solve cash flow problems before they pop up
• Ask the right questions of your team – and get the right answers

Financial reports needn’t be challenging to read or understand. Honest! But you have to get under the surface, get behind what you see on the page to the powerful message that most report readers miss. You will blow away your banker and CPA with your financial insights after this workshop.
Leading the discussion will be Gene Siciliano, Your CFO for Rent®, a financial advisor and strategist to successful CEOs and their management teams for over 25 years.

How to Connect Your Business to Your Community
The National Auto Body Council’s Recycled Rides™ Program

Palm Desert - SPRING 2015
Presented by: Rick Tuuri, National Auto Body Council

Research studies show that more customers are basing their purchasing decisions on companies that are socially responsible and give back to charitable causes.
The National Auto Body Council’s (NABC) mission is to provide community service initiatives that exemplify the professionalism and integrity of the collision industry.
Rick Tuuri, Chair of NABC’s signature Recycled RidesTM program, leads this session on how your business can increase brand exposure, customer loyalty, and greater employee pride by giving away cars to needy individuals in your community.
• How to sign up and implement a Recycled Rides event.
• How to source a vehicle? What type of vehicle?
• Criteria for selecting recipient
• Engaging your staff, vendors and local business partners.
• Promoting the event to your customers and the community at large.

Have a Nice Conflict!
Is that even possible?

Palm Desert - SPRING 2015
Presented by: Jim Berkey & Robb Power, SDI Certified Trainers

Conflict is a source of inefficiency and higher costs for organizations.
When our people cannot work well together it leads to poor morale, longer lead times on projects, and employee turnover. Each of these can have a significant impact on the bottom line. Learn how to spot and prevent conflict through greater awareness of what motivates yourself and others.
This 2-PART workshop will take you through 2 unique assessments (To be completed on-line prior to the workshop) which will be used to gain insight into the triggers of conflict for ourselves and those we interact with.
Utilizing the tools from Personal Strengths Publishing, Inc. you will learn how to become more effective in your relationships, both personal and professional!

Stop Marketing and Start Building Relationships… An Insurance Agent’s Perspective
Palm Desert - SPRING 2015
Presented by: Audrey Nass, MVP Business Solutions
With Special Guest: Michele Deery-Thomas, Nationwide Insurance Agent

Agents need shops they can trust and count on to deliver on the “promise” they sold their policyholders.
Join us as we explore this relationship with a seasoned Insurance Agent. We will discuss the collision repairer’s impact on the claims process and their influence on the overall client experience. What are the keys to cultivating and sustaining these agent / repairer relationships to ensure mutual benefit? When something goes awry…. how to effectively navigate difficult situations in a manner that creates value and strengthens the relationship.
When the relationship between an agent and collision shop is solid and rooted in trust, the vehicle owner, the agent and the collision shop all benefit greatly.

In-House Automotive Glass - Impact on Process and Profit
Are you benefitting from your automotive glass demand?

Palm Desert - SPRING 2015
Presented by: Joel Timmons, Profitable Glass Solutions

Are you benefitting from your automotive glass demand?
Collision repairers have learned to properly optimize their internal operations yet many sublet their automotive glass needs. Join us as we examine the benefits and risks associated with incorporating glass in to the collision center operations. This workshop will provide you the tools to effectively gauge if you should create the supply for your own demand.
This session is hosted by Joel Timmons, an automotive glass expert with 26 years of industry experience.
We will examine how automotive glass impacts your business including:
• Revenue potential
• Impact on cycle time
• Quality measurements
• Risk assumption
• Costs to bring glass in-house
• How to optimize your automotive glass need

The Worst Mistakes to Avoid in Marketing your Collision Repair Business
Making Competitors Irrelevant
Palm Desert - SPRING 2015
Presented by: Steve Schoolcraft, Phoenix Solutions Group

In this session, attendees will learn emerging trends that are shaping the buying behaviors of future repair customer’s that have gone undetected until now. Convincing new evidence will be presented on why one collision facility is chosen over another and why industry accepted data is misleading. You will learn simple to implement tactics that will make competitors irrelevant.
This pioneering research in consumer decision-making will reveal compelling new information from a four year study comprised of over 600,000 repair customers representing 165 unique markets with 3 actual case studies. This presentation will detail the FACTS on how to grow collision sales.
They will review 23 factors that shape consumer decision-making and present persuasive insights that can no longer be ignored. Prepare to be energized!

In this breakout session, you will:
• Understand the factors that contribute to growing collision sales, and it is not
what you think!
• Learn how to withstand economic downturns and marketing hype
• Discover why market consolidation can actually benefit you
• Recognize the three major changes in consumer decision making that have gone
• Understand what customer loyalty truly is
• Find out how your shop can instantly improve name recall
• Receive a simple explanation on what brand equity is not

Point of Use – Eliminating Waste by Getting to the Point!
Palm Desert - SPRING 2015
Presented by: David Knapp, MVP Business Solutions

During this session we will examine lean principles for implementation of point of use in collision repair. We will discuss what point of use means and how it applies within the various roles of a collision repair facility and waste reduction.
Examples of tool and material locations and storage will be demonstrated – both successful applications as well as a few failures.
We will explore:
• Reasons for failure
• How to implement/execute
• How to get the team to really understand the purpose, and gaining sustainability
Don’t miss this valuable session that will help you get started eliminating waste right away!

Busting Barriers to Performance Excellence through Process Level Measurement
Palm Desert - SPRING 2015
Presented by: Mark Mueller, MVP Business Solutions

The thought of measuring the performance of our collision repair process can be an intimidating and downright scary prospect for many of us.
Measuring within our process has at times led to division and finger pointing in the shop, which usually results in the abandonment of the measurement effort. In most cases the shop ultimately turns their back on an essential element of the continuous improvement process.
Leading an improvement effort without Process Level Measurements is like shooting at a target blindfolded. The purpose of this session is to share simple methods that can be used to objectively measure collision repair at the process level. The goal is to build the foundation for a process level measurement system that can be built upon with your entire team during each step of your improvement journey.
The session will help deal with cultural issues that may exist within the organization that would rather hide a defect than expose it as a means to improve. We will demonstrate a proven method for developing key process level measures with your team, which will ultimately aid in monitoring the health of your repair process, ultimately reducing process flow interruptions that lead to frustration and stress, long repair cycle times, and a poor experience for the customer.
If you are looking for ways to clearly see your performance barriers, so you can remove them with pin-point accuracy this session is for you.

“Making Change Happen”
Cutting-edge strategies for getting other people.... do what you want them to do

Nashville - FALL 2014
Presented by: Peter Sheahan

To be used for professional purposes only
(and not on your spouse)
The business of collision repairs is changing before our eyes. Our ability to transform our businesses in the face of this change will come down to our ability to influence the behavior of the people we interact with on a daily basis. It is crucial then, that as leaders, we understand how to position new practices, technology and behaviors in such a way that it is natural, rational and potentially unavoidable for ourselves, our teams and our investors to engage with them.
In this eye opening and case-study rich breakout, Peter Sheahan will unpack what ChangeLabs calls the 4 Layers of Human Decision Making and share specific strategies for influencing staff and clients’ behavior at each level.
Specifically, he will cover:
• The use of incentives and disincentives
• Aligning your desired change to the personal identities of those who need to embrace it
• Breaking old habits to make room for new ones
• Altering the structures that surround people to influence the way they behave

Get More From Your Gen Y(oung) Workforce
Manage Like You Mean It!
Nashville - FALL 2014
Presented by: Amy Lynch

Do your employees under 30 seem like a different breed? They are. The Gen Y and Gen Z behave in ways unimaginable a few years ago, and they respond (or don’t) to your management style in ways you cannot predict--unless you've figured out how to manage like you mean it.
In this strategy-rich breakout Amy Lynch will reveal ways you can adapt your management style to get the results you want from these new generations. You’ll learn how to
• Give feedback they will hear
• Make improvement and innovation part of the job
• Manage their time in ways they understand, and
• Structure promotions and raises.
Gen Y and Gen Z already make up nearly 30% of the workforce. By 2020 they’ll be half the employees in the collision business. The future of your operation depends on managing them well, and the time to start is now.

Estimate Evolution
Nashville - FALL 2014
Presented by: John Fagan II

Collision repair estimating is evolving at an accelerated pace. Technology and information are at a major confluence in the industry. Technical specifications are readily available for more makes and models than ever before and just in time too! With the exponential adoption of new technologies that are redefining the role of the grocery getter from commuter to information hub and communications platform. This complexity is not limited to computerization and passenger safety. Car makers are now adopting long-considered exotic construction materials from well publicized aluminum to carbon fiber and many types of unrepairable ferrous metals. Combine all of this with exterior panels that are not only designed for style and crash worthiness but now have pedestrian technology that reduces trauma when a person is struck by a vehicle!
Professional estimators are tasked with writing a thorough visual estimate and minimizing supplement frequency which is extremely challenging when most wrecks result in hidden damage to begin with, but now, this deluge of escalating technology and complexity most situations call for a heightened need to research and confirm everything from construction, recommendations, methodologies, manufacturers procedures and then precisely meet the compliance expectations of the business and often an insurer. Tie this in with the ever increasing customer expectation and the estimate process being responsible for 67% of customer experience and we begin to realize that anything we can do to support the estimating process must be considered.
The Estimate Evolution breakout session will take a look at many of these complex changes and discuss process standards that position estimators for success. Then we will discuss information and relevant technology to increase the success of getting the right information when it is needed and finally a glimpse into what we can expect in the future working with customers, estimates and insurers.

DRP Compliance Training
A Roadmap to Success with DRP Relations
Nashville - FALL 2014
Presented by: Jeff Weil

With over 90% of all collision work streaming in from DRP programs, compliance with insurance and fleet DRP programs is more important than ever to maintain and grow your business. Insurance carriers have identified the claims process as a key customer service differentiator for their customers. GEICO, Esurance, Nationwide, State Farm and other carriers are all over television with their repair promise advertisements. As a result, claims departments are continuously fine tuning their DRP programs to ensure that their partner shops are meeting or exceeding the expectations broadcasted to their customers. This makes it increasingly more challenging to keep current with DRP policies and procedures that are continually evolving while incorporating their own partner add-on programs.
Jeff Weil brings a unique perspective to demystifying the world of DRP compliance as a result of providing online DRP policy and procedure training to the collision industry for the last 9 years. This session will provide you a road map to increase compliance with your DRP programs, as well as showing you how to use this as a sales differentiator to help grow your business with your current and new insurance and fleet customers.

Culture & Service That Rock’s!
How to Amp Up or Revolutionize a Company’s Culture
Nashville - FALL 2014
Presented by: Jim Knight

This interactive session is effectively designed to highlight best practices to AMP up or revolutionize a company’s culture in all areas of the business, especially customer service.
Jim Knight, Founder of Knight Speaker, will act as a thought-starter for the session. He will use the visceral backdrop of several well-known brands, including Hard Rock International, via his 21-year run with that brand as the head of Training & Development, as a platform to discuss key strategies to transform any organization’s culture, regardless of the current state.
Key Unique Concepts will include:
• A clear-cut definition of Culture (finally!)
• Hiring “Rock Stars”
• Virtuous vs. Vicious Cycles
• Embracing a Differentiated Service Mentality
• Creating Raving Fans
• Becoming Guest-Obsessed
• Increased Value Proposition
• Employee Engagement
• The Emotional Bank Account
• Leadership & Accountability
The time allotted is chock-a-block full of visual illustrations, out-of-the-box thinking, book quotes, videos, personal stories, industry statistics, case studies, and an interactive handout for some real “take aways”…all told through the spirit of Rock ‘n’ Roll.
If you’re a fan of unpredictability & thinking about things differently to create an unbelievable, sustainable culture…come hear what all the noise is abou

Becoming a Talkable Brand
How to Spark Customer Conversations to Spark Sales
Nashville - FALL 2014
Presented by: John Moore

Marketing activities of talkable brands are less about using traditional advertising and more about using the influence power of customers as the advertising vehicle. These brands connect with customers in surprising and meaningful ways to spark word of mouth conversations. Talkable brands understand word of mouth marketing is much more than a tweet, a status update, a viral video, or anything else you can do on social media. These brands also know the best word of mouth is not a publicity stunt or gimmicks that result in buzz for a day.
Learn as John Moore, former marketer with Starbucks and Whole Foods, shares practical advice on how to become a talkable brand that’s conversational and worthy of a personal recommendation.

Superpower Success!
How to Think, Act and Perform with Less Effort and Better Results
Nashville - FALL 2014
Presented by: Ford Saeks

It’s no secret that everyone is tasked with doing more with fewer resources. Days quickly bleed into months, and months into years… and there never seems to be enough time to get it all done. Ford understands that owning a business can be challenging, especially if you’re working in your business instead of on your business.
This presentation delivers clear action-steps in alignment with your brand objectives and outcomes. Business owners, executive leadership, management and staff can all benefit by unlocking their hidden potential, enhancing critical thinking skills, and taking advantage of the seven steps to superpower success.

In this powerful session, Ford will help you discover:
• Seven Steps that Will Help You Solve Problems Faster
• Three Strategies to Make Better Decisions
• The Critical Elements to Improve Your Professional and Personal Life
• How to Overcome Obstacles that Cause Delusion
• Strategies to Transform Your Environment from Excuses to Results
• Tools to Improve Your Focus and Performance
• How to Develop Your Massive Momentum Master Action Plan
• Techniques to Play to Your Strengths

Develop common sense insights and critical thinking strategies that will unlock your personal power and performance at work and in life. Learn how to work with what you have, where you are in your life right now, and take massive action toward achieving your goals.

Aluminum - The Future of Automotive Design
It’s not difficult… It’s just different!
Nashville - FALL 2014
Presented by: Mark Bono

During this session we will explore the latest automotive technology Tsunami about to overtake the collision industry, Aluminum. Aluminum in vehicle design is nothing new, by now we have all seen it, touched it, replaced it, painted it and on a rare occasion we might have even repaired it. We’ve read or heard about a few Aluminum intensive vehicles, usually high end, limited production models that we probably wouldn’t see in our shops, at least not enough to invest in specialized equipment or training.
One vehicle is changing everything!
We will discuss the advantages of aluminum to auto manufacturers and why we can count on the increased usage in vehicles in the future, like we have seen with advanced strength steels. We’ll discuss the differences, the challenges, and the opportunities that aluminum will present to the collision repair industry. Finally, what equipment and training will you need to invest in to stay in the game and be able to repair aluminum vehicles?

Creating Cultures of Development and Collaboration leading to Superior Performance
Scottsdale - SPRING 2014
Presented by: Tony Adams with LeadersWay

Consider the following: Would you do things differently if you knew that a single hiring mistake would cost your company six figures? How about if the same losses applied to the people who didn’t leave – the under-performing, disengaged members of your staff or executive team? The reality is, a mistake does cost you that much!

The single most misunderstood fact in business today is that companies don't get BETTER until their people get BETTER. In our work with collision repair shops to large biotech firms, there are several things we see that keep companies from getting BETTER but here are two in specific that almost all organizations have in common. Firstly, we find that employees are operating on assumption not clarity. They “think” they know what is expected but no one has been clear. Secondly are unresolved issues employees and leaders choose to allow to block their communication.

Think about this…… If I can do with 2 people who are happy and fully engaged in my business and it takes you four people who aren't to get the same results, you have no chance in competing against me. In this breakout session, we will start you on the path and give you the tools to the two primary advantages in business today, Development and Collaboration.

Current Estimating vs. Next Gen Made Simple
Toyota Recommended Repair Process

Scottsdale - SPRING 2014
Presented by: Rick Leos

This exciting breakout session is packed with an innovative, proactive estimating approach which groups all of the related items into repair packages or kits according to the type and location of damage.

In this breakout session:
Rick Leos will share a powerful new initiative to provide Collision Repair Shops with quick and easy access to all information relevant to a collision repair, including related parts, repair details, CRIB and service bulletins and more – during the estimating process.

They believe that exposing OEM-Recommended Repair Procedures upfront in easy-to-access templates - will:
• Provide collision repair shops with easy access to all the information needed to properly restore vehicle to pre-accident condition, especially important with today’s complex new vehicles and materials
• Improve flow of information, shortening cycle time for both body shop and insurance carrier
• Increase owner satisfaction and peace-of-mind regarding safety of repair
Toyota’s OEM-Recommended Repair Procedures will be demonstrated at the PPG MVP Conference in 2014.

Mitchell’s Industry Trends Report
What trends will affect your business in the coming years?
Scottsdale - SPRING 2014
Presented by: Greg Horn

Attendees will learn about the size of the repair market in the U.S. and where accident rates are headed.
We will also uncover which of the most common used metrics in Direct Repair Programs is flawed and has wrongly led to shops being eliminated from some DRP programs. You will also see the latest vehicle construction materials and explore the latest accident avoidance technology and see what impact it will have on claims in the next few years. Taiwan manufactures aftermarket collision parts, but you will also see that mainland China is stepping into the game as well.

Performance Analytics
Positively influencing your future performance results
Scottsdale - SPRING 2014
Presented by: Mike Gilliland

The capability to analyze historical KPIs is a baseline requirement for many of today’s collision repairers. Although useful, historical analysis does not specify actions required on a daily basis to improve future performance. What’s needed is the ability to use predictive analysis to help repairers positively influence KPI outcomes. Daily measurement of cycle time and hours per day performance along with real-time analysis of current demand versus current capacity is critical for performance in today’s collision repair competitive landscape.
Join Mike Gilliland in this session to learn how performance-centered analytics can maximize operational performance and engage all levels of your organization in embracing a performance culture. Hear from actual shop owners that have used predictive analytics to power three key elements critical to building high-performance organizations in a live Q&A session during this breakout:

1) Performance: proactively measure and manage Key Performance Indicators.
2) Profitability: get unprecedented visibility into operations to maximize profits.
3) Partners: engage insurance partners through better information and analytics.

The Perfect Break Room
Creating Culture that Drives Success
Scottsdale - SPRING 2014
Presente by: Richard Fish

Shop owner Richard Fish of Southern California will discuss what a good break room should be and the value and success it can bring to your company. Much more than a place to eat lunch, a good break room can provide strategic direction and motivation to your staff to work on the right things for your business. Sounds easy right? Just build it and they will come... Not so!

Richard will explain the evolution of his break room and how he used the development and communication environment to engage his team in focusing on the right metrics for his business’ success. He will show you what was created for fun as well as what was set in place to focus the team on becoming a high performing company. Results speak loudly—Richard’s shops are among the highest performing collision repairers in the country based on hours per day, cycle time days, referral rates, and other key metrics.

Many shop owners and managers have toured Richard’s facilities (and break rooms), then returned home and duplicated the “look”, but they did not get the same performance results. You must hear Richard’s leadership story to understand not only what was done, but how, why and when.

“Closing the Execution Gap”
Scottsdale - SPRING 2014
Presented by: Norm Angrove and Robb Power: FranklinCovey Certified Instructors

Does your organization struggle to accomplish their top priorities? You have smart people who work hard; yet they fall short of reaching the goals of the business. Are you ready to try a better approach? Learn the discipline of Getting the Right Things Done!

Through this 2-part session (3.5 hours) participants will learn about what typically undermines results in most organizations and the FranklinCovey system for creating consistent predictable results - The 4 Disciplines of Execution. Each participant will learn: 1. How to identify Wildly Important Goals (WIGs). 2. How to define and create actionable lead measures. 3. The importance of creating motivating scoreboards. 4. How to use each of these to instill a cadence of accountability for achieving results.

Each participant will also receive the following FranklinCovey tools: Participant guidebook, Tools CD, Participant DVD (including a select video from the program), and the 21-Day Challenge.

“The surprising truth about what motivates us”
Scottsdale - SPRING 2014
Presented by: Andrew Geartex

Dan Pinks research spanning 50 years of behavioral science overturns the conventional wisdom about what motivates us and offers a more effective path to high performance. “There is a divide between what science knows and what businesses do to engage and motivate people”. You’ll find this session astonishing as you understand that much of what we do to motivate people actually results in diminishing engagement and motivation! Andrew Geartex will discuss the science behind intrinsic and extrinsic motivators and the value of being able to stimulate the more effective of the two. Carrots and sticks were great motivators for the 20th century; However Andrew will reveal that this is precisely the wrong way to motivate people for today’s challenges. Andrew will examine the three elements of true motivation in this session, autonomy, mastery and purpose. This thought provoking session will serve for foundational thinking about how to motivate and engage in the workplace.

"Don't wait for work, go get it"
Scottsdale - SPRING 2014
Presented by: John Morgan

In today's competitive market, it is all about influencing those who influence whether or not work comes to our shops. In this breakout the participants will explore how a real business, lead by a real collision center manager was able to get real and unusual growth with Continuing Education playing a strong role in driving business to the shop.

Everything John Morgan does he does with passion so for John Continuing Education became more than just a program. "This is not about DRP or non-DRP. It's about relationships that drive work. When you are in a position to do something good for people they will remember it and most of the time they will do something good back. The relationships I have with agents are in some cases stronger than the relationships they have with others in their own business, and that has helped me grow.

Participants will learn the nuts and bolts of creating a Continuing Education system using PPG's available support, including his advice on overcoming the fear of teaching, running effective classes, tracking the relationships, effective follow-up and building it into a system. In addition hear the real life stories of success

John Morgan has been in Collision for 27 years, working his way up from washing cars, body technician and ultimately managing one of the top performing shops in his market. As a shop manager John has grown the business from 1.8 million to well over 8. He knows how to utilize his resources and has taken advantage of the many PPG training classes including the Continuing Education Instructor Development Training. Coupling the training with his ability to work and build relationships he has become one of the most successful CE instructors in the program. Take the opportunity to learn from real experience and real success.

Business Growth Made Simple
The 7 Vital Questions That Create Extraordinary Results

Amelia Island - FALL 2013
Presented by: Joe Calhoon

This exciting two-hour workshop is packed with idea-generators, exercises, real life success stories, and action steps for you to develop a clear and compelling plan to grow your business. Best of all, your plan will fit on a single sheet of paper!

In this breakout session, you will:
Learn principles and practices to more fully engage your employees and their best efforts.
Get absolutely clear about your organization’s ideal future state.
Learn the 4 step formula for explosive growth.
Discover 8 proven growth strategies to take your business to the next level.
Learn the keys to defining and achieving your most important priorities.

Joe Calhoon is a Business Growth Strategist, Author, and Keynote Speaker. In the past 25 years, Joe has worked with leaders in more than 600 different businesses to improve organizational effectiveness and accelerate growth.

"Joe Calhoon is an expert at making the growth planning process simple and practical." - Steve Linnemann, Vice President, Burns & McDonnell Engineering Co.

"Joe Calhoon's system for how to create a clear and compelling business plan is the best I've ever seen." - Mac Anderson, Founder, Successories & Simple Truths

Kick Your Team Into the Next Gear
Optimizing performance through excellent communication, proactive conflict management, and thoughtful motivational tactics
Amelia Island - FALL 2013
Presented by: Dr. Todd Dewett

Join nationally recognized leadership expert Dr. Todd Dewett for this action provoking presentation designed to make you walk away prepared to push your team to the next level. Leaders of high performing teams understand the power of candor and the role of positive and critical feedback.

They know how to communicate and reward in a way that builds morale and they also know how to support team chemistry by dealing with conflict head on. They know that talent can be blinding and they never validate talented but difficult employees. They also know that their job is to help the team see every issue from a glass half full perspective.

Family Business Succession
The Final Test of Greatness

Amelia Island - FALL 2013
Presented by: Amy M. Schuman

Study after study shows that Family Businesses have the potential for superior financial performance along with admirable community and employee relations. However, we also know that only 30% of Family Businesses successfully survive the transition between the generations.

This session will look at the reasons for success and failure of family firms, and implications for your own situation. How do exemplary family firms use their family status as a competitive advantage, especially in changing markets?

We also will explore the most common challenges faced by family leaders (and their children) in succession planning, and proven ways to address and overcome these challenges. When is it best to bring your own children into a leadership role, and when best to hire a non-family executive? What roles can the larger family play to support a successful transition of leadership, and how can family get in the way? Many paradoxes in this process will be explored - including the ultimate paradox of 'family' and 'business'.

Management Succession
What Non-Family multiple location shop groups can learn from Successful Family Businesses
Amelia Island - FALL 2013
Presented by: Amy M. Schuman

Many studies show superior financial performance in family firms, along with excellent community and employee relations. However, we also know that only 30% of family businesses successfully survive the transition between the generations. What approaches can non-family multiple location collision shop groups learn from the most successful family firms? MSO groups that have grown through acquisition often face productive - and destructive - family dynamics in their acquired firms. This session will explore the potential for applying family firm success factors to acquired firms.

We also will explore common challenges found in management transitions, and ways to prioritize and address them. In a growing, diverse company, how can one value tradition and history without slowing forward progress? In managing growth, how can you build 'one company' while still respecting the individual strengths and characteristics of each location? Are there ways to build a team while, at the same time, building individuals? Can you develop future leaders from existing managers, without setting up destructive competition and mistrust? We will explore what has been working, and not working, in your current approaches to management succession, and create specific plans to address past challenges.

The First 5 Minutes
Train Your Team to Win the Business
Amelia Island - FALL 2013
Presented by: Linda Ferguson Ph.D.

How much business is walking out your door? If your team does not make a strong, positive first impression, then people who come “just to get an estimate” might be leaving before they become your customers. And that’s not all. The first five minutes can set the tone for your entire relationship with a customer. If you want them to believe that you are committed to good repairs and good value, then you have to show them that as soon as they walk in the door.

Were you thinking about the first five minutes when you hired the people who are making a first impression on your customers? Your team meets people who are upset and anxious following a collision. They need to impress insurance adjustors while holding their ground on recommendations and estimates. These are big communication challenges. Linda Ferguson will provide you with the ideas, the strategies and the materials you need to train your team to make a great first impression. You’ll have opportunities to share practical ideas and to practice the skills your team will use to win the business in the first five minutes.

No More Excuses...
Drive Employee Engagement, Productivity and Profits in your Collision Repair Center with a Culture Based on Accountability
Amelia Island - FALL 2013
Facilitated by: Sam Silverstein

Why do some businesses succeed while others fail? It starts with eliminating excuses, eradicating justifications and taking personal accountability for choices, actions and results. Surveys show that 70% of American workers are disengaged costing businesses between $450 - $550 billion a year. In an industry with excess capacity and insurance companies driving increasing demands a competitive advantage is required.

Sam Silverstein, organizational growth expert and accountability thought leader, presents the four phases of accountability and the five critical, but often overlooked, ways to be proactively accountable. Sam shows how to increase success and significance in business and in life, and will challenge you to take a new look at yourself. Exactly what is accountability and how can it drive hyper-profitability for you? Learn that and more in this fast paced session.

Learning Objectives:
Discover what important roadblocks keep you from achieving your goals
Explore vital principles for improving leadership
Learn the critical elements of increased employee engagement
Realize an organizational culture based on accountability

Paint Shop Throughput: A Quick Changeover Approach
Back By Popular Demand’

Amelia Island - FALL 2013
Presented by: Brett BiaLowas & Robb Power

Quick Changeover, sometimes referred to as Setup Reduction, eliminates or reduces non-value added activities in the setup and teardown processes of manufacturing, allowing companies to quickly and efficiently change from one product to another. Quick Changeover is a critical component of Lean Manufacturing and is a foundation for gaining critical capacity to meet customer demand and grow operations. This seminar will focus on applying quick changeover techniques and principles to understand and optimize paint shop throughput; techniques can also be applied to other critical collision center operations.

The Paint and Material Game: Playing to Win!
Amelia Island - FALL 2013
Presented by: David Mitchum

The Paint & Material category has been a much debated topic over the years. From the way shops are paid on the estimate, to proper accounting procedures, to managing inventory levels and proper use, all are factors in the never ending battle to maintain a healthy return on our investment.

We are in fact playing what I like to call “The Paint and Material Game”. The difference between winning, being average and losing is in the playbook we use, or don’t use, in most cases!

In successful sports teams, you can bet on the fact that they have a common denominator. It is called the play book. It is the foundation of how they “take to the field”, or their game plan. It is what allows them to play to win!

“Playing to Win” is about building that foundation, or in a more related term, the playbook”!

In this breakout, you will take away the key elements of:
The true cost of waste
The true cost of use
Inventory control and impact
Proper accounting methods
What to measure, and how
Profit potential
Building the Playbook and Playing to Win

The New Collision Repair Administrative Paradigm
Amelia Island - FALL 2013
Presented by: Mark Mueller

Shops today are seeing profit margins tighten while simultaneously taking on more administrative responsibility for claims management. This situation has left many shops with overwhelmed estimators and administrative team-members, but lacking the funds to add the staff needed to properly administer claims, manage the shop, and deliver a great customer experience. In this session we will explore real-world approaches collision centers are using to deal with these pressures. In many cases they are borrowing lessons learned from the medical system as they have dealt with similar pressures. These shops are transforming their administrative processes in a manner that meets their claims management obligations, while building a repair plan that maximizes profitability, delivers industry leading cycle time performance, exceptional repair quality, and a delightful customer experience without breaking the bank.

Branding in Social Media and B2B
Scottsdale - SPRING 2013
Presented by: Sasha Strauss

Branding in Social Media: Your grandmother‘s on Facebook. You got a job offer from a friend of your ex-ex-boss through LinkedIn. You stay up on California politics through Twitter messages from The Governator. There‘s no way around it – social media is here to stay. It‘s not only the social medium of choice; it‘s the connector of global consumers. Product enthusiasts in Japan are sharing how-tos with pen-pals in Italy. Gamers build global clan of fellow players, unified via their social media identities alone. Teachers assign homework via Twitter tweets and big brands have successfully managed a crisis through social media exclusively. We‘ll share and discuss where brands fit in the wide world of social media culture. We‘ll talk about each of the channels, success stories within each one as well as some must-do practices for marketers looking to leverage social media as promotional venue. Facebookers and skeptics alike will enjoy this timely session. Brands covered include Starbucks, Dell, Hilton Hotels, Best Buy, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Ning, Google Reader, KnowEm, and more.

B2B Brand Strategy: Branding isn’t just confined to the consumer goods and services industry. Now, more than ever, branding is vital to B2B companies. In fact, some of the strongest brands are in the B2B sector – firms such as Cisco Systems, Intel, Halliburton, SAP, GE, and Texas Instruments have consistently been ranked among the top brands in the world. Such companies are seizing the opportunity to change the perception that B2B companies must be dry in nature. We’ll show you how to use branding to make your firm the easy choice for a manager navigating through an infinitely long list of suppliers. This session is for those who are looking to differentiate themselves on more than just price and build long term customer relationships.

Digital Marketing = More Customers…More Revenue…More Profit
Amelia Island - FALL 2013
Presented by: Frank Terlep

In a world where more than 50% of consumers own a smart phone (soon to be 80%), 85% perform an on-line search prior to purchasing a local product or service, there are more than 1 BILLION Facebook users, and more than 33% of all internet usage is mobile, auto body shops need to know and understand what digital marketing tools, technologies and techniques they can use to capture, service and retain more customers, revenue and profit.

In this fast paced, idea-a-minute session participants will learn about the importance of strategy before tactics, 12 powerful digital marketing tools, why marketing needs to be treated as a process, how much should a shop budget for their digital marketing efforts, who should perform a shop’s digital marketing, what is a shop’s potential Digital Marketing ROI, and much more!

Crunch Time: Health Reform on the Eve of Implementation
Scottsdale - SPRING 2013
Presented by: Ed Fensholt and Richard Roderick, Lockton Companies LLC

The 2012 elections and the Supreme Court both left the federal health reform law largely undisturbed. Now, employers everywhere are scrambling to address the complex rules related to the reform law, in advance of the January 1, 2014 implementation of its signature provisions. Please join us for a live seminar on The New Health Reform Law, where Lockton’s experts will discuss:

• The current state of the health reform law: Where you should be and where you must go
• The coming tax storm: The impact on group insurance costs of the $100 billion in taxes on insurers, drug companies and others
• Health insurance exchanges: Readiness, coverage offerings, rating rules and expected premium costs
• Dealing with the employer “play or pay” mandate: Who are the most vulnerable employers, and what are their options?
• Selecting, implementing and administering “initial,” “standard” and “administrative” periods for seasonal and variable hour employees
• Turbocharged wellness programs: New leverage under the health reform law, to drive employee behavioral changes
• Health reform’s administrative tail: Get ready for new reporting and disclosure obligations
• And more….

Creating a culture of peak performance and achieving greater results
Scottsdale - SPRING 2013
Presented by: Neil Dempster, MBA, CSP

Few (if any) businesses can survive without a strong focus on employee performance. While we can't dispute the merits of this organizational imperative, the reality is many current management practices run contrary to the basic laws of human behavior and create a culture of complacency and average performance—instead of a culture of commitment!

Question: "What is your true performance standard?"
Answer: "The lowest level you are willing to accept!"

The fact is, we typically don't find organizations have a PERFORMANCE problem, we find they have an EXPECTATION problem!™ (Sorry, but someone has to have the courage to deliver the bad news!)

Workforce Performance: 'Just Enough' . . . Just Ain't Good Enough!™
Let's face it—our budgets reflect it; the customers we serve (both internally and externally) expect it; and the continual improvement process demands it—do more with less! If you are tired of theory-only sessions, this energetic, humorous and content-rich presentation is guaranteed to provide your group with practical knowledge on creating a culture of peak performance and achieving greater results. Neil Dempster will have them laughing one minute and re-thinking their entire management approach the next! The content is based on a success formula he uses to generate phenomenal results in very diverse organizations worldwide.

This keynote presentation focuses mainly on the management practices that will create a culture of peak performance. The target audience for this presentation is:
► Front-line managers and supervisors
► Middle management
► Performance coaches
► Formal mentors
► Human resource professionals
► Training and development personnel
► High potential employees (who are being groomed for management)
► Anyone who influences employee performance

Turning Customers into Loyal Evangelists for Life!
Scottsdale - SPRING 2013
Presented by: Scott Deming

Here’s the formula for Sustainable Success: Find several great customers, turn them into evangelists and they will take you to the promise land! If this sounds easy, it is. However, it’s highly unlikely you will turn your external customers into loyal evangelists until you turn your internal customers (your employees) into loyal evangelists.
Scott Deming takes his twenty years of business ownership, board positions, working with small, independently owned companies as well as multi-national corporations, employee relationship expertise, customer experience savvy, and wraps it into the most comprehensive, easy to implement and energetic program you’ve ever seen. As one national publication wrote: “Scott Deming’s customer experience process is more like the ten moral principles for great business practice and success!”

Scott Deming speaks for and trains companies across the globe - big and small, in just about every industry. From CEOs to business owners to managers to sales people to customer service reps, Scott Deming’s programs have transformed individuals and organizations alike, showing them the real process for customer evangelism and lasting customer loyalty. As Scott Deming says – “There is no correlation between a satisfied customer and a loyal customer. A satisfied customer will stay with you until the next best deal comes along.” Move your customers from satisfied to loyal, with Scott Deming’s exciting, proven process.

Change Management vs. Change Leadership
Why the distinction is increasingly important…
Scottsdale - SPRING 2013
Presented by: Tom Flick

As noted by Harvard Professor and leadership guru Dr. John Kotter in his bestselling book, Leading Change, leadership really is the name of the game. In our fast-paced world of continuous change, the impetus in corporate America should be focused 70% towards leadership and 30% towards management.

The educational systems in America and Europe are predominantly geared towards management, developing in people “managerial mindsets.” Their goal is to maintain the status quo and avoid hazards. Management is budgeting, staffing, regulating, and problem solving—essential aspects of a successful company. However, a primary focus on management doesn’t move anybody forward. Today, most organizations are over-managed and under-lead. There is a dichotomy behind the concept of “Change Management” because change and management are conflicting ideas. Change management doesn’t lead to progress within a company—leadership does.

In organizations today, leadership needs to be taught, emphasized and focused upon to a higher degree. Leadership is vision and strategy—it motivates action and removes barriers. Leadership takes complex systems and people and creates evolution, opportunities, and growth. Management is what you know. Leadership takes you to where you want to go.

Considering Multiple Shifts
Scottsdale - SPRING 2013
Presented by: David Knapp

Each day we come into contact with employees of companies who are working a second or even third shift—be it in the evening or weekend, some businesses operate all the time. Collision repair traditionally functions in a Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm basis. Why would we want to change that? Multiple shifts requires a major paradigm shift for both the way we treat work as well as how our team of people think about work—making it very difficult to initiate and sustain. Whether seeking additional capacity, improved cycle time performance, or some other need, successful implementation of multiple shifts poses many challenges.
During this session, we will discuss the complex issues around forming and managing multiple shifts. The course agenda includes content on:
► Types of shift structures with examples
► Pay plan challenges and limitations
► Cultural shift requirements
► Capacity and inventory
► Management approaches
► Sales and marketing needs
► Scheduling strategies for work
Where possible we will even work in real world examples and lessons learned from collision repair shops who have implemented multiple shifts. We hope you will join us for this informative session.

X-Ray Estimating® “An Ace up Your Sleeve”
Improving Repair Cycle Time and Hours per Day Performance
Scottsdale - SPRING 2013
Facilitated by: Mark Mueller, PPG Business Solutions and Ken Friesen Concours Collision Centres LTD.

Fifty percent of the average shops business has very little margin for error, and can be a significant drag on Cycle Time performance. X-Ray Estimating® is an approach that changes the estimating paradigm and can take repairs that spend days at the shop and in some instances allow them to be completed in a few hours. Shops that have been exploring this approach have experienced significant performance gains.

In this session you will learn how this approach differs from X-Ray Repair Planning®, how shops have been successfully executing the approach, and how to market effectively to consumers and insurers. In addition Ken Friesen will share the X-Ray Estimating® approach that he is currently using successfully at Concours.

Delivering Distinction Through the Ultimate Customer Experience
San Antonio - Fall 2012
Presented by: Scott McKain

A director would never make a movie without a script, yet collision repair centers deal every day with customers without a precise plan of how to deliver service that sets your shop apart from the competition, and creates an experience your customers desire to repeat. In this “hands on” workshop, you’ll learn the five basic steps required to deliver an “Ultimate Customer Experience ®.”

As Scott McKain has conducted interviews with professionals in collision repair, he had learned the challenges specific to the industry. The importance of delivering upon the customer experience has dramatically grown because of over-capacity in the business and the unique situation of dealing with multiple “customers” per transaction – both the end customer and the insurance company at the same time. This workshop will help you develop the action plan required to deliver an ultimate experience to all.

Social Engagement Part 1- Meeting the New Consumer
San Antonio - Fall 2012
Presented by: Kristen Felder & Liz Blackman

Social Engagement Part 1 is a high-level overview of all things social engagement. We talk about the changes in the industry over the past decade and, more importantly, the changes in the consumer and the opportunities that arise from these changes in the digital age. We give an overview of our social branding theory as well as some practical applications for your social presence. The social media revolution has already come and gone, but our industry still lags far behind on leveraging these powerful new social tools. When shops do test the waters, it is often with a less then committed approach. In a world were immediacy, transparency and relevance are now required, having a bad social footprint is just as damaging as having no social footprint. Social Media is the ultimate touch point in today’s marketplace and it is vital that shops are well-informed and fully equipped to tackle the challenge head-on. Think of this class as a game-changer. We aim to shake things up and revolutionize the way you connect. It will be a hands-on intervention to get you back on the path of consumer engagement success.

Session Objectives:
►To learn how the four key social platforms work and interact with your customers and their role within your overall business strategy
►To learn what traditional mistakes are made in our industry when it comes to social media and where you might be going wrong.
►To find out what you should start doing immediately based on where you are along your social engagement journey.To gain some industry-specific tips and tricks for developing and implementing your social engagement strategy.

Skills to be gained:
At the time of completion you will have a clear understanding of “social engagement” and how it applies to your evolving consumer. You will have several practical application tools as well as a brief guide to defining your social brand and selecting your brand-i-vidual to represent you in the digital marketplace. You will understand why the social media realm is a DIY system based to increase profits and efficiency and how to define, track and improve upon your social engagement success

Practical Scheduling for Collision Repair
San Antonio - Fall 2012
Presented by: David Knapp, PPG Business Solutions

The traditional “In on Monday, out on Friday” system still persists in collision but has now been joined by a “Grab the keys or we’ll lose the job” way of thinking. The dynamics of each of these business strategies have some compelling reasons for existing, however, failure to consider the effects on the overall business and attempt to do something to level work input has a negative impact on total business productivity, stress, and cycle time. Implementation of Lean means working towards a consistent continuous flow—moving a business towards continuous flow requires consideration that input has to equal output, not just over a month or a week, but each day we work.

Every collision repair shop has a production capacity that is optimal for achieving sales and profit goals, meeting market needs, and making the best use of each persons abilities and resources. In this breakout you will gain an understanding of scheduling system design through understanding historical data analysis techniques, understanding labor resource capacity, and developing a model of workflow input that will help achieve more level work-mix and production.
The key elements of this breakout will include:
► Why scheduling is important
► Analyzing your history and capacity
► Determining your input needs; Designing a system
► Examples from real collision shops

Working with the Layers of Resistance
San Antonio - Fall 2012
Presented by: John Fagan, PPG Business Solutions

There is a science to implementing change within a team. Not the science of data or logic, the science of people. Change initiatives are grounded in logic, empirical data and the evolving environment in which we do business. We reveal to our team the why, what, how and when. It all makes sense. But when we start our implementation strategy we hear objections, there is confusion and little cooperation. Inertia sets in and the vision seems very far away from reality. Resistance, the emotional response to change is often our greatest obstacle to change. There is a proven path to remove the Layers of Resistance and once it is understood the results are the icing on the cake! Business models evolve over time and change is inevitable to maintain pace with the ever changing climate. Any business not changing today may not be around in the future. One of the greatest business challenges is to bring along those that work directly in the organization day to day. Change threatens individual security and value. In this break out we will share some of the tools that are critical to success when moving a team in a new direction, identifying a problem in the current business model as well as developing a solution.
Key points that will be covered in this break out include:
► Why we resist change
► How to analyze “cause and effect”
► Discussing process problems
► Not alienating the people we need to help drive the change

Social Engagement Part 2
Facebook and YouTube for the Collision Repairer

San Antonio - Fall 2012
Presented by: Kristen Felder & Liz Blackman

Ever wanted a detailed course on Facebook and YouTube geared specifically toward the Collision Repairer? Well the time is now! Facebook will top 1 billion users this year and continues to update it’s features, functions and analytics monthly to improve brand engagement and business participation. Facebook is the space in which a company DEFINES brand identity in the social arena.

In 2013 90% of internet traffic will be to consume video content. YouTube content is an integral part of the new Google SEO algorithm and is also the ultimate form of consumer engagement. We will explore the roll of YouTube videos in your overall social engagement strategy as well as some practical content opportunities for your business. With the rapid takeover of mobile access to online content and the information overload that your customers are experiencing every day it is vital that you make information about your business and services simple, concise, visual and accessible. Social Media and more specifically YouTube is your ultimate solution to this challenge and will be central to your business success going forward.

This is a course for anyone currently engaging or intending to engage customers on and/or YouTube. It is VITAL that you have and implement a social engagement strategy immediately and Facebook and YouTube is the perfect recipe when it comes to selecting a great starting point on your journey. This is also a great class for developing and utilizing a social engagement audit and determining what you can do to advance your existing presence.
Session Objectives:
►To learn the tools available to your business within Facebook
►To understand Facebook audience expectations and what you have to do to stand out from the crowd
►To minimize advertising and maximize quality value-added consumer-driven content.
►To leverage Facebook Messaging, calls to action and other engagement tools to encourage feedback and customer testimonials.
►To explore what makes for sharable content, how to define and track success.
►To understand the key motivations behind a YouTube presence
►To learn techniques for creating the most impactful web-based video content possible
►To understand content tagging and other key elements of YouTube success
►To begin generating a list of content ideas for your YouTube strategy
►To understand how and where YouTube fits into your overarching business marketing and operations
►To learn the difference between content and advertising

Skills to be gained:
Upon completion of this course you will be capable of launching a Facebook business page and leveraging that space to dramatically increase consumer engagement around your brand. You will be able to perform a social media audit and redefine your social engagement strategy around driving business and increasing profits through efficiency, discipline, and a consumer-facing development plan. You will also have a clear understanding of the power and purpose of YouTube as well as the future of web-based video content. You will understand how to leverage YouTube within your existing strategy and explore some basic development and video-production tips. In addition, you will understand the tools available within YouTube to support both a current or future YouTube presence and be able to launch your presence TODAY!

Consumer Preferences and Expectations
The immediate and longer-term impact for the auto claims and collision repair industry
San Antonio - Fall 2012
Presented by: Susanna Gotsch | CCC Information Services Inc.

The sustained down economy, gas prices, the green movement and the use of new safety features in more vehicles, has created a shift in demand for the types of vehicles consumers are purchasing, creating opportunities and challenges for the auto claims and collision repair industry. For example, the use of crash avoidance technology, may lead to fewer accidents and claims, but would then also lead to fewer needed repairs. However, because of the use of advanced technology, those repairs could be more costly and complex, making the use of approved repair procedures even more critical. All the while, consumer expectations for fast and efficient service will continue to grow.
Ms. Gotsch will discuss the many and varied trends at work that are...
► Impacting vehicle repair
► Impacting insurance premiums
► Impacting customer satisfaction

Lean for Collision – Total Productive Maintenance
San Antonio - Fall 2012
Presented by: Brett Bialowas, PPG Business Solutions

Lean for Collision focuses on improving flow, eliminating waste, touching cars more continuously and creating a culture of continuous improvement. Achieving long-term sustainable success depends on all operations and systems functioning as needed.

Equipment reliability is something that is often overlooked to the point that maintenance, breakdowns and failures are dealt with reactively. Learn how Total Productive Maintenance can positively affect your capacity, flow, safety, quality, environmental impact and more

Simplifying Effective Website Strategies
San Antonio - Fall 2012
Facilitated by: Ryan Barichello | LinxSmart Inc.

A customer’s first impression of a company is often based on their website. Immediate opinions are formed within the first 3 seconds of viewing a page, and those first few seconds are one of many steps where the customer may decide to leave. Building and maintaining an effective website is commonly a “low hanging fruit” every business can utilize better to influence their bottom line.

In this seminar you will learn:
► How to choose the right web development partner, what questions to ask and why.
► Best practices when building an effective website.
► Measuring, maintaining and promoting an effective website.
► Mobile considerations in website design.
► Systematizing and automating other business processes into your website.

Down to Business, Up to Speed
Phoenix - SPRING 2012
Presented by: Vince Poscente

An authority on speed and focus, Vince knows what it takes to make your ambitious goals a reality. In this breakout session, Vince shares in-depth and unique ideas that are fundamental to his 5 Cs Olympic formula: Clarity, Commitment, Consistency, Confidence and Control. Humor-packed and energetic, it is full of techniques that can be applied immediately and is perfect for people with aspirations to reach bigger goals, faster.
Topics covered in this session include:
• Goal Attainment and Achievement
• Managing Change
• Peak Performance

Delighting Customers for Life – Part 1
Phoenix - SPRING 2012
Presented by: John Martin & Sharon Gregory, PPG Business Solutions

Today’s customers have access to a “Brave New World” of instant information that shape their customer service expectations. The fact is vehicle owners are more sophisticated and educated than ever! And… in a matter of seconds, they can literally tell the world about their experience as a customer of your collision center. In this seminar, participants will explore the Kano Model of Customer Satisfaction. Discover how delighting customers with unexpected levels of customer service can provide a true competitive advantage. Learn how to make extraordinary customer service the centerpiece of your marketing strategy and discover how to delight customers and build relationships that last a lifetime!

Discovery and Parts Procurement: The Key to X-Ray Repair Planning Excellence
Phoenix - SPRING 2012
Facilitated by: Mark Mueller & Tom Nicholas, PPG Business Solutions

This session will cover Discovery and Parts Procurement, the essential steps of the pre-production X-Ray Repair Planning Process. When Discovery and the Parts Procurement Process are executed flawlessly, shops can create a complete and accurate Repair Plan, ultimately creating the Final Bill prior to repairs. The session will cover the critical process steps and provide the best practices and resources that will enable shops to increase the accuracy of X-Ray Repair planning, resulting in improved repair flow and reduced waste to improve profit potential.

Delighting Customers for Life – Part 2
Phoenix - SPRING 2012
Presented by: Sharon Gregory & John Martin, PPG Business Solutions

Practical application is the heart of any learning experience. This workshop focuses on applying the principles and philosophy taught during the Delighting Customers for Life Seminar. During this highly interactive workshop, participants will join their peers to develop and discuss concrete ways to exceed customer expectations. In a world where your customer’s expectations are shaped by Starbucks, Nordstrom’s, and other world class retailers, prepare to take home practical ideas and tools that will significantly raise your customer service intensity and Delight Them for Life!

Paint Shop Throughput: A Quick Changeover Approach
Phoenix - SPRING 2012
Presented by: Brett Bialowas & Robb Power
PPG Business Solutions

Quick Changeover, sometimes referred to as Setup Reduction, eliminates or reduces non-value added activities in the setup and teardown processes of manufacturing, allowing companies to quickly and efficiently change from one product to another. Quick Changeover is a critical component of Lean Manufacturing and is a foundation for gaining critical capacity to meet customer demand and grow operations. This seminar will focus on applying quick changeover techniques and principles to understand and optimize paint shop throughput; techniques can also be applied to other critical collision center operations.

Zeroing in on Standardization
Phoenix - SPRING 2012
Presented by: David Knapp & Mike Gunnells, PPG Business Solutions

Having standards doesn’t mean standardizing everything the same way, we do not live in a “one size fits all world”. In collision repair, it is common to hear owners and managers say “We need SOP’s”. However, before embarking on a project of developing a detailed SOP for everything, when implementing Lean for Collision it is important to understand the purpose and use of any standards to ensure they meet the needs in the workplace.
In this workshop you will gain a clear understanding of standardization by learning the differences between SOP’s, Standards, Work Instruction, and Standard Work along with how, why and where each fit within a collision center that is pursuing a Lean journey.

Key elements of this workshop will include:
• Understanding Standardization
• Importance of developing your own standards for your situation
• Creating effective standards
• Steps to developing and implementing standards in your workplace

Open Discussion Group—Your Topic, Your Discussions
Phoenix - SPRING 2012
Facilitated by: Mark Mueller, Frank Lefebvre & Bruce MacKenzie, PPG Business Solutions

This Open Discussion workshop will provide you with the opportunity to interact with your peers to address business challenges. This is a free wheeling session where the floor is open for all your ideas on collision related topics. The facilitators will help keep the discussions on track and will add guidance when needed but this session is about your ideas and sharing while learning from one another.

Accelerated Repair Strategies
New Orleans - FALL 2011
Facilitated by: Dave Knapp and Mark Mueller, PPG Business Solutions

Many high performing collision repair businesses protected or even improved their market position during the recent economic downturn—demonstrating a direct correlation between short cycle times and strong relationships with work providers. While cycle time reduction is the predominate focus of most work sources, the simple truth is that all stakeholders in the repair process benefit from accelerated cycle time and improving hours per day performance. This program will review the market opportunity and strategies for accelerating cycle times for several segments of the repair mix. Participants will learn an overview of defined repair processes for Quick Repair, Same Day Repair, X-RAY Estimating, and X-RAY Repair Planning and how each have been used successfully to meet the performance needs of collision repairers.

DRP Strategies: A Panel discussion on successful initiatives to market performance and manage relationships
New Orleans - FALL 2011
Facilitated by: Robb Power, PPG Business Solutions

We are seeing increasing evidence of collision shops gaining, or losing access to work based on hours per day & cycle-time performance. It has become imperative that these work-provider relationships be managed proactively. Keeping our heads down, hoping the work will return, or that we will magically be able to improve our performance, is no longer an option. This will be an interactive session with a panel of Collision Industry leaders answering questions and discussing real-world strategies. After registering for this seminar, participants will be contacted and given an opportunity to submit questions for our discussion in advance.

Performance Measurement
New Orleans - FALL 2011
Facilitated by: Jim Berkey, PPG Business Solutions

We have all heard the clichés “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” or “What gets measured, gets done” or “If you can’t recognize failure, you can’t correct it”. Measurement is one of those things that we all know we could be better at yet when we discuss it we say, “Sure I measure things in my business”. We all measure things within our businesses but what should we be measuring? How can measuring the right things in the right way help drive our organizations to new levels of performance?

This workshop is designed to take us beyond the buzz words.
We will explore:
What are the most appropriate Lean measures for my business?
What are Lead and Lag measures and how do I use them?
How do I link strategic level measures to those that would be more meaningful to my work force?
How can score boarding engage my team in our improvement process?

Yes, this is an age old topic but one where most of us talk a better game than we actually play.
There in lies the opportunity.

The Social Media Catapult
Increasing your revenue through social strategy

New Orleans - FALL 2011
Facilitated by: Neil Reeve-Newson, LinxSmart Inc.; Ryan Barichello, LinxSmart Inc.; Norm Angrove, PPG Canada Inc.

As the technology revolution advances it offers new opportunities. Social media is a product of this revolution and is here to stay. As companies who use it effectively benefit greatly, more jump on the band wagon hoping for the same result. In this seminar you’ll learn how social media will benefit your business. We’ll discuss how Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn can benefit you and specific techniques to follow to maximize their return. You will also learn how to create viral content your audience will love and share, and why SEO and social media are tied together. As people continue to share this content and their experiences online, you will learn how to manage your online reputation.

Grab More Market Share
How to Wrangle Market Share from Lazy Competitors

New Orleans - FALL 2011
Facilitated by: Ross Shafer

Culture shifts are accelerating - and causing faster upheavals in your target market's "buying mood." If you notice these shifting trends (while your competitors ignore them) you will be in the best position to win the extra business.
Organizations that dominate an industry pay almost obsessive attention to how and when humanity evolves (as well as how quickly technology either leads or follows).
► What You Will Take A Way
How you can monitor the rise and fall of your competitors - on a daily basis - so you'll know which of their weaknesses to attack.
How to spot new trends before it's too late. You are given the tools to exploit a trend before your competition catches on and will learn how great organizations innovate before they have to.
How these outliers are destroying the usual paths to complacency and replacing them with new highways for profiteering

Increasing revenue with Social Media
Strategy development, execution, and measurement

New Orleans - FALL 2011
Facilitated by: Neil Reeve-Newson, LinxSmart Inc.; Ryan Barichello, LinxSmart Inc.; Norm Angrove, PPG Canada Inc.

A key element of any marketing campaign should include an effective mix of marketing including social media. In this workshop, you will develop a Social Media Strategy designed to specifically reach your company’s goals.

Your strategy will entail components such as; Clarifying your Goals, Determining Connections, Discovering your Key Contributors, Content Strategy, Social Accounts, and Website Integration.

Process Mapping for Understanding
New Orleans - FALL 2011
Facilitated by: PPG Business Solutions

Lean professionals utilize Value Stream Maps as a diagnostic measure to highlight waste in a system (the value stream) that affect cycle time negatively. They are extremely powerful, high-level “pictures” of process performance that identify areas of greatest improvement opportunities. However, they cannot tell us what is wrong or what needs to be changed, but only where we should start.

Whether we perceive a process to be a certain way or have no idea what the process looks like, it becomes necessary to drill down to the next level of detail to gain a clear understanding before changing anything.

Process Mapping for Understanding workshop will teach you simple mapping techniques beyond Value Stream Mapping that you can use to understand, analyze, and improve any process within your business.

Performance through Strong Employee Relations
How to Solve Problems with People

New Orleans - FALL 2011
Facilitated by; Frank Lefebvre and Mike Gunnells, PPG Business Solutions

Strong positive employee relations are a critical factor for operating a successful business and even more critical when implementing new processes and plans for improving performance. Leaders get performance results through people, its vital that all people are treated as individuals. Effectively handling problems that occur with people along with the daily use of foundations for good relations, leaders will earn loyalty and build strong positive employee relations.

In this workshop participants will learn the foundations for good employee relations and a proven 4-Step method for efficiently and effectively handling problems with people.