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Commercial Truck Consulting Services

Lean for Collision is a proven method for improving Quality, Speed and Cost for Commercial Truck Collision Shops. Using the Lean approach many Commercial Truck Shops realize the need to implement significant changes to their operational structure. Making these changes on your own can prove extremely challenging when day-to-day operations consume all your time. Starting and stopping change initiatives rarely results in sustainable success. These challenges can slow or altogether stop the organization from moving forward.

In a highly competitive market this apprehension can limit opportunities or even threaten a shops survival. PPG recognizes that some shops may want a guide on their process journey. MVP Black Belt Consultants bring a wealth of experience implementing Lean process changes. This fee-based service puts a Lean expert on-site with your staff to assist with your change initiatives. These Learn-Do events are designed to transfer the knowledge and skills on how to implement change.
A traditional consulting firm depends on the client needing their services. MVP Black Belt Consultants will teach your staff how-to implement future changes and not be dependent on outside services.

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