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Facility Layout & Design Services

Collision repairers who are considering building a new location, renovating an existing facility, or just wanting to improve the layout of a current facility to get better workflow, the MVP Facility Layout & Design Service is an ideal place to start. This service is unique for a number of reasons including:

  - Design Consultants trained in Lean process knowledge and Lean thinking application
  - Automotive and commercial fleet industry experience
  - State of the art CAD software utilization
  - Personalized approach by PPG resources
  - Expertise with renovation, expansion, or new construction
  - Over 2,000 facility designs produced by PPG’s staff Layout & Design consultants

Whether the plan is to build a new lean facility, make major renovations to an existing structure or simply rearrange an existing floor plan with process flow in mind, experts from MVP’s Facility Layout & Design department are ready to assist. No matter what the need, the MVP Layout & Design team will be able to help with your planning needs. Our Design Consultants are experts in designing:

Collision Centers  •  Commercial Fleet Facilities  •  Jobber Stores / Warehousing  

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