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Breakout Sessions (Day 1)

Monday May 7th

Breakout Session # 1

Leading Your Team Through Change

Presented by: Barry Rinehart
Implementing change in any business is tough…Collision Centers are no exception.
If you want the changes you implement to “stick”, you need to lead!

“Efforts to change a company will not succeed against the will of its employees”, warned the chief executive of a Fortune 500 company. That’s a grave warning when you consider that employees distrust four of every five change efforts they hear.

How can you implement change in your Collision Shop for the better in the face of odds like these? For the answers, we’ll hear from Dr. Kimberly Alyn how to lead change and get it to stick. You’ll participate in Collision Industry specific exercises reinforcing the techniques and methodologies covered.

Learning Goals:
-  Recognize the four primary reasons why people resist change.
Learn to effectively “sell change” by presenting benefits and overcoming objections.
More effectively involve everyone in the organization in the planning and implementation of change.
-  Become a “change architect” who is trusted by others.

Click to view: Barry Rinehart BIO

Breakout Session # 2

The Magic of Exceptional Customer Service

Doug-Lipp-1.jpgLessons from Disney U

Presented by: Doug Lipp
How has Disney managed to keep its employees and customers so fiercely devoted to the brand?
ow has it managed to continually top the charts as one of the world’s most loved brands?
How can you learn from its practices to catapult your organization’s service strategies to even higher levels?

Learn the four components that are at the heart of Disney University:
Innovate | Support | Educate | Entertain

Discover how legendary service is a delicate balance between art and science. “Doing the ordinary in an extraordinary fashion” isn’t rocket science; customer service excellence must be ingrained throughout your culture. In this ever-changing economy, more companies than ever are realizing the strategic importance of transforming their service culture to differentiate themselves from competitors. 

Click to view: Doug Lipp BIO

Breakout Session # 3

Refinish Area Optimization

Maximizing Throughput and Profit

Presented by: Robb Power
Are you frustrated that your paint team cannot seem to meet the production demands placed upon them? Are you looking for insight into how you could increase the paint department’s output?

In this session we will address the key contributing factors that drain production efficiencies and squash profits in our Refinish areas.

We will not only explore how these factors affect overall throughput and profitability but we will also talk through solutions to help you take your paint production to the next level. This includes a tool and process that will clearly define your processes and communicate those expectations through the organization.



Breakout Session # 4

Effective Output

Building a Flowing Process

Presented by: David Knapp

During this session we will discuss why processes fail to deliver desired results and the costs associated with failure.

We will turn the discussion to review key value viewpoints which must be considered in order to build an effective process that gets consistent results while minimizing or eliminating wasted energy. 

Finally we will apply the ONE Box Model to an actual collision repair process to identify what is needed for effective output and continuous repair flow. 

Attendees will learn how to apply ONE Box to ANY process and get improvement.


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Breakout Sessions (Day 2)


Tuesday May 8th


Breakout Session # 5

How to Connect Strategy to Execution

Presented by: Afterburner’s Charles ‘Chaz’ Campbell
Using the 6 steps to Mission planning, the attendees will create an individually-tailored, comprehensive Mission Plan with a tactical Course of Action and contingency trigger-action matrix to connect strategy to execution.

The team members will rapidly plan for a Mission/Goal that they are currently working on or create a new one. The plans are designed to quickly build an execution rhythm and cadence together as they execute the Mission Plan.

In addition to acquiring a clear Mission plan for success, they will acquire a working knowledge of the Six Steps of Mission Planning for current and future planning, as well as a deep understanding of where assessment activities occur to adjust and align execution and close the execution gap.

Breakout Session # 6

The Time is Now!

Building the Process for Scanning & Calibration

Presented by: Jake Rodenroth, asTech 
With eight car manufactures having published position statements on scanning, it is no longer a question of ‘if it needs to be done’, …..IT MUST BE DONE!!

The bigger question now is ‘CALIBRATION’ and how will shops get this done?

How will shops identify the need, obtain the proper authorizations, effectively repair plan around the requirements, and proactively plan for getting the calibrations done?

Gain valuable insight and understanding from a process perspective, the nuances of calibration and how to effectively incorporate it into the repair process.

This session will cover such topics as:
Emerging Technology Driving Scanning & Calibration Requirements
Changes with the Vehicle Owner and Resources
Where / How to find the Documentation
Building the Business case to support the “Why”
Challenges/Changes to the Repair Process
Planning for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assist Systems)

Tools and Resources (signup sheet)
Summary / Q&A 

Click to view: Jake Rodenroth BIO

Breakout Session # 7

Do I Need a Fast Lane?

Presented by: John Fagan II & Tom Nicholas

For many shops there may be an opportunity lurking in their work mix that has the potential to boost their overall performance.

The operating expenses associated with all repairs is relatively consistent regardless of severity. But on the profit side of the coin, lower severity equals fewer profit dollars. Naturally, if a shop is repairing a volume of scratches and dings more repairs are needed to achieve profitability. Smaller repairs with fewer hours exacerbates the cycle time challenge. If one day is sacrificed during the repair process performance is negatively impacted. Multiple day delays are devastating. Now compound this by the number of times it happens in a week, month or year.

Lots of cars and trucks to repair with small profit opportunities. If they aren’t completed on time it negatively impacts overall customer satisfaction, cycle time, touch time, administrative costs and growth opportunities may be limited. It’s a complex problem.

In this session you will learn the steps to take that will assist you in determining if a fast lane is a viable opportunity for your business. You will gain insight and understanding into setting up a fast lane, building the fast lane process, and how it can influence overall performance.

Breakout Session # 8

Maximizing Paint Booth Throughput

Proper Booth Setup & Cutting Edge Technology

Presented by: Jason Garfoot, Senior Technical Advisor GFS/REVO
Learn key ways to stay profitable and significantly cut down booth cycle time.

Your paint booth can be the biggest bottleneck or the biggest asset in your shop. Operating and maintaining your spray booth at peak performance is crucial in today’s body shops, combined with proper paint booth setup to maximize efficiency and quality.
You will also get a look at revolutionary technology that cuts cure times down to a fraction of what they once were, while simultaneously improving the quality of the finished repair.