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Breakout Sessions (Day 1)

Monday April 10th

Breakout Session # 1

Lightning Execution

Skills, Tools & Strategies to Make You More Productive

Presented by: Steve McClatchy
Do you have the information you need at your fingertips when you need it?  Do you have a foolproof system for making sure nothing falls through the cracks?  With so many productivity tools available in today’s technology-connected world, are you taking advantage of all of them?   Great organizational skills are at the core of your ability to get things done.  In this dynamic presentation Award Winning, New York Times Bestselling author, Steve McClatchy, brings you the four keys crucial to effective execution and three skills possessed by the most organized executives. 

If your goal is to get more done in less time with less stress, this is a don’t-miss presentation.

- Execute using technology, tablets and smart phones more effectively.
- Document, retrieve, organize and act on information quickly. 
- Manage mini-projects so that nothing falls through the cracks.
- Find what you want, when you want it, so you can finish it faster.

Click to Download:  Steve McClatchy BIO

Breakout Session # 2

Maximizing Millennials

Recruit the Right Ones, Retain the Best Ones and Lead the Achievers Into the Future

Presented by: Paul Moya
Have you ever wondered why some companies and leaders are able to succeed (and even thrive) with Millennial employees, while others continue to struggle and suffer?

In today’s ever challenging and rapidly changing workplace, recognizing and maintaining talent in a culture in which Millennials thrive is critical to the future of any business.

Paul has spent the last decade advising and studying the best and brightest CEOs and leaders across the globe and now he is sharing his proven ways to transcend generations once and for all. In this dynamic program,

Paul will teach you the one catastrophic mistake to avoid when recruiting Millennials, how to become the “go-to” place for retaining top talent, and his “3-Part Power Play” to leading the achievers forward.

In Maximizing Millennials, Paul…

- Unveils his ‘Perspective Equalizer Formula’ that allows Baby Boomers to
  understand Millennials in a whole new light — this is a game changer!
- Reveals the 3 Deadly Sins that drive away Millennials in droves…and how to
  stop the revolving door right now.
- Breaks the myths and exploits opportunity in the cracks to not only solve
  recruitment and retention challenges but to skyrocket company profits fast.
- Divulges the step-by-step leadership actions that transcend generations (and
  cultures) that your audience can implement starting the second they leave
  the session.

As a Millennial himself, Paul will infuse audience interaction, deliver breakthrough insights and actionable data to help your company recruit, retain and lead next generation employees.

Click to Download:  Paul Moya BIO

Breakout Session # 3

Emotional Intelligence

The Secret to Your Success!

Presented by: Jim Berkey & Robb Power
Have you ever wished that people would come with instruction manuals?

As managers and leaders within your organizations you must find ways to get things accomplished through others. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand what makes ourselves and others tick and then use that insight to make better decisions on how to manage our own emotions and relationships with others. This “Soft Skill” is the proven key to unlocking your organization’s potential.

The good news is that this is truly a skill that can be learned and improved upon.

Each participant will receive an E-book and have an opportunity to complete an online self-assessment prior to the session.

Through this seminar and assessment you will gain a better understanding of your current Emotional Intelligence quotient and more importantly very specific areas that you can personally work on to improve your effectiveness in working with others.



Breakout Session # 4

Big Data, Analytics, & Telematics

Just Words or Are We Looking at Fundamental Change?

Presented by: Jason Verlen

Big data, analytics, and telematics are now in the press every day. 

These capabilities are very real and whether you know it or not are already influencing your life in an increasingly ubiquitous

While this is true, we are at a tipping point in terms of the kinds of problems that can be addressed using these technologies, which means we could be in for another wave of use cases and advances. 

During this presentation...

Jason will share his broad view on these topics, as well as tie his remarks to the collision ecosystem, which itself is adopting these technologies more aggressively, and possibly setting the industry up for the next wave of innovation. 


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Breakout Sessions (Day 2)


Tuesday April 11th


Breakout Session # 5

Six Steps to Effective Mentoring

Presented by: Barry Rinehart
“Better bosses generate better results,” pointed out a recent article by Harvard Business Review. This article pointed out research findings by the National Bureau of Economic Research that, “The most significant impact bosses had didn’t come from their motivational skills, but from teaching workers how to be more productive. Capability building. That’s important.”

“Mentors provide the context for people to grow.  When you mentor, you’re doing what leadership is all about.” – Dr. Terry Paulson

Through a combination of presentation, discussion, hands-on exercises and individual planning we’ll discover the qualities demonstrated by great mentors, assess your own qualifications to be a mentor to others and become an effective mentor by following six important steps.  A
nd helps you deliver a perfect message every time.

Key learnings in this session:

- How to create the context for growing your team’s abilities, knowledge and
- Stretch learning and expand influence
- The "Why" of consistent questions

Click to Download:  Barry Rinehart BIO

Breakout Session # 6

Tip of the Technology Iceberg

This is a Panel Discussion Session

Presented by:
- Mark Allen, Audi of America
- Eric J. Mendoza, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc
- Richard Salceda, Mazda North American Operations
- Doug Kelly, Collision Diagnostic Services
- Bill Bauer, ALLDATA

While the collision industry has been focusing on the Pre and Post Repair Scan issue, what lurks beneath the surface is much more concerning.

The number of onboard systems on today’s vehicles can ran
ge in the hundreds, any of which can be affected by a collision, including the repair process itself. Meanwhile recalibration, diagnostics, and body repair procedures are becoming more specific and individualized for each make and model.

In this panel discussion session, representatives from Audi, Toyota, Mazda, and asTech will take a deeper dive and address repair challenges they see today and in the future for collision shops in every aspect of repair. 

Attendees are encouraged to engage in conversation with these experts.

Breakout Session # 7

Photo and File Documentation

Presented by: Michael A. Cassata Jr.

Carriers want and expect you to provide them with a clear assessment of the loss vehicle. 

This includes photographs depicting the damages with the necessary file notes describing the damages and any other pertinent information available to you.  A true appraisal of the loss vehicle. 

This program includes:

Review of the importance of Clear, Concise, and
  Complete professional file documentation.
- How to improve your skills when taking photographs for damaged vehicles to
  depict all damages clearly.
- We will discuss how to photograph Collision, Comprehensive and Total Loss
- Many DRP Managers will tell you that file documentation may be a larger
  challenge for some appraisal sources than the actual quality of the appraisal
  or quality repairs to the vehicle.
- Understand the importance of discoverable file documentation and how it
  relates to the legal system. You are the appraiser of record and responsible
  for the content of the claim file that you submit to all stakeholders involved.

Click to Download:  Michael A. Cassata Jr. BIO

Breakout Session # 8

Professional Selling Skills

A must have for Guest Service Representatives and Estimators
Presented by: Sharon Gregory & John Fagan

Many guest service representatives and estimators spend most of their training in a collision shop learning about collision.  But few have ever had formal sales training!

They know all the things they need to do to set up a customer for a repair, but don’t necessarily know how to connect with that customer or create a bond that will foster loyalty. 
Asking the right questions, picking up on buying signals, handling objections all create panic in the customer service representative.  It is difficult to do a good job of getting the keys of that customer when the CSR doesn't feel they have the skills necessary to close the sale.  Many collision shop employees haven’t had any training in this area so they are often not very confident in their ability to make that sale, leaving many opportunities on the floor and dead on arrival. 
The good news is that we have a class that addresses these issues and teaches customer service representatives and estimators how to sell professionally and hopefully increase the close ratio of that shop.
Some of the areas we cover are:

- Creating rapport
- Asking open ended questions to get more information
- Listening and offering Features and Benefits
- Handling Objections
- Closing the Sale
- The Professional Sales Mindset
- Understanding Buyer Types
The workshop is interactive with many exercises for the participant to practice the skills. 

We urge you to invest in the most important part of your business.  Your front line people who sell the jobs!