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Eliminating Future Repair Delays through Effective Planning Processes

X-Ray Repair Planning® is a key front end process for creating continuous repair flow through a collision repair center. A Rapid Improvement Workshop focused on X-Ray Repair Planning® is effective at helping organizations get past the day to day obstacles which prevent proper execution. This on-the-shop-floor workshop will teach you the skills necessary to break free of the common implementation problems faced by many repair organizations while the team identifies the critical resources, structure, communication tools, and flow for excellence in X-Ray Repair Planning®.

Participants will learn the key elements of repair planning and make critical decisions for what needs to occur, how it will occur, when it will be done, and where things take place. Of course, responsibilities for each task will be discussed and identified as well. The results of this workshop is a team that has a cohesive understanding of what repair planning is and what the shops implementation/execution strategy is for making it happen on a day-to-day basis.

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Get more work done and QUICKER than you thought was possible in reaching your future state.

X-Ray Repair Planning® Rapid Workshop participants learn:
>  Planning for the Rapid Improvement Workshop including:
  1. Who should participate
  2. How to make time available
>  Planning the scope of work, where to start and how much to do
>  How to determine the time necessary based on the scope of work
>  The appropriate level of preparation training
>  Current State and Future State work to involve those participating
>  Executing the Rapid Improvement Workshop
  1. Gaining full participation and engagement of those involved
  2. Assigning and managing task accomplishment…getting things done
  3. Workshop report-out to Leadership
>  Follow-up

Shop Owners, Shop Managers, Technicians, Staff

2-3 days depending upon the scope and type of target work. Pre-planning assistance helps determine time commitment

Completion of MVP Green Belt and readiness to implement changes

MVP Hotline: 1-866-237-8178