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When Driven Sales Growth is a Priority

If you desire to accelerate your sales and marketing efforts, this action packed program is a must! Today’s fast-paced collision repair market demands a focused sales and marketing approach that is both innovative and practical. This course will help participants drive a marketing-focused vision into the culture throughout their entire organization. If developing systems, tools and processes to provide consistent sales opportunities and increase closing ratios is important, this course is for you.

If your marketing efforts are not keeping up with the challenge, Accelerated Sales & Marketing is a great class to jump-start an aggressive internet-based marketing campaign or refresh an existing approach. This program will energize your organization and provide progressive solutions for marketing that are simple, effective, and innovative.

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To provide owners and managers with effective sales and marketing solutions to grow their business.

MARKETING SYSTEMS, PROCESSES, AND TOOLS– Nothing impacts a collision center more than their ability to market effectively and close the sale. Yet, many owners, managers, estimators and customer service personnel fail to capitalize on a proven, repeatable, marketing and sales process to attract and interact with their customers. The MVP Accelerated Sales & Marketing Systems program will offer some proven systems and tools for attracting and closing more sales while building a sure foundation for business growth.

CREATIVE BRANDING INTITIAVES– As important as marketing is to business growth, it is equally important that you create a distinctive brand that will differentiate your collision center from the competition. Branding is perhaps one of the most essential aspects of marketing. Find out how to creatively connect with your customers and build a successful brand that reaches them effectively.

INSURANCE DRP & AGENT MARKETING SYSTEMS– Based on market studies, we know that insurance companies pay for over 90% of collision repair work. Therefore the majority of collision repair dollars are generated through relationships with insurance providers. In addition, J.D. Powers found that a significant number of consumers call their agents first when they’ve been in an accident verses an 800 number. Given this, you can become skilled at proactively reaching these vital segments of your market.

SOCIAL MEDIA OPPORTUNTIES– Staying visible on social networking sites keeps your name – and your collision center – in front of thousands of customers, as well as their network of friends and family. According to Marketing Vox, 45 percent of Facebook’s 45.3 million active users in the U.S. are now age 26 or older, and the fastest growing demographic is women above the age of 55. By having a web-based presence on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, and other social media sights, you can market through the fasting growing technology in North America.

MAXIMIZING INTERNAL SALES PROCESSES– Perhaps the greatest challenge for some employees is asking for the sale. While this statement seems hard to believe, statistics prove that asking for the business is one of the most often overlooked parts of the sales process. In addition, many collision centers have no formal process to follow-up on customers who have not made a buying decision at the time of the estimate. Discover some simple tips that can make a huge difference on your closing ratio!

Shop Owners, Managers & Key Personnel

2-day class

10 minimum, 20 maximum

I-CAR participants are eligible to receive 3.50 Gold Class points for this course. Automotive Management Institute (AMI) participants are eligible to receive 32 Accredited Automotive Manager (AAM) credits. Participants will receive a student manual, course hand-outs, lunch, refreshments, and an MVP certificate of completion.

Any PPG or Nexa Autocolor™ customer is eligible to attend any MVP Business Development Series course

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