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Elevating the Customer Experience
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Turning Satisfied Customers into Loyal Customers!

Elevating the Customer Experience provides a practical approach to customer satisfaction that will knock the socks off your customers, as well as your competition. Discover how creating “Memorable Experiences” can provide a true competitive advantage by making extraordinary customer service the centerpiece of your marketing strategy.

Participants will study the Kano Model of Customer Satisfaction and learn the difference between (1) Customer Satisfaction, (2) Customer Service, and (3) Customer Experience. In addition, you will explore how customer service expectations vary among multiple generations and how the 4 personality styles: (1) Driver, (2) Amiable, (3) Expressive, and (4) Analytical determine how you interact with customers. If you want to learn how to build consumer loyalty that lasts a lifetime, this is the class for you

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To provide owners, managers, sales staff , and estimators the
skills required to provide exceptional customer service.

KANO MODEL OF CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – What’s the difference between a satisfied customer and a loyal customer? That’s what the Kano Model of Customer Service will help you explore. Research shows that there is a significant difference between basic customer expectations, traditional customer satisfaction, and delighting customers. Learn how to create Memorable Experiences that drive top-of-mind customer experiences that ultimately results in long-term customer loyalty.

THE MULTIGENERATIONAL CUSTOMERS – Did you know that customer satisfaction is really in the mind of the receiver? There is no standard approach to service that will meet every customer’s expectation. In fact, based on generational differences, customer satisfaction will vary dramatically between: (1) The Mature Generation, (2) Baby Boomers, (3) Generation-X, and (4) Generation-Y. Learn how to exceed expectations based on what generation your customers were born into.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AND SOCIAL MEDIA – Today’s customer has a BIGGER voice than ever before. With a single click of the mouse, your customers can share their positive and negative experiences with the world. Learn how to capitalize on the new social media to manage, enhance, and promote the image of your shop. Technology has shaped your customers’ expectation and changed how you create customer loyalty, including the internet. Are you ready for the change?

Collision center personal who are involved customer contact. This includes: Owners, Managers, CSR Personnel, Marketing Managers, and Estimators.

2-day class

10 minimum, 24 maximum

Participants will receive a student manual, course hand-outs, lunch, refreshments, and an MVP certificate of completion.

Any PPG or Nexa Autocolor™ customer is eligible to attend any MVP Business Development Series course

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