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Manager, Business Solutions

Rod started his career in collision repair in 1987, with over 12 years as a collision technician and then 14 years with DuPont Performance Coatings. He had numerous roles with DuPont as Sales Technician, Territory Manager, Business Development Manager/Consultant, and National Account Manager. This allowed Rod exposure to work with many collision repair facilities, all across North American.  Based out of Kansas City, Rod’s strongest attribute in his role is to build strong work relationships, high energy, passion for what he does and a strong work ethic.

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One of the ever growing business challenges is to have a competitive advantage that continues to prove highly effective and becoming a marketplace leader. I believe communication, teamwork, and LEADERSHIP is key to success now and in the future to overcome that challenge.
There is far more power in WE and US than ME and I!
Nodding the head does not row the boat!