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Manager, Business Solutions

Dave has had an extensive career in the collision repair industry starting as a technician and then a manager of a shop in Western Pennsylvania. Dave joined the Sterling Auto Body organization in 1998 and held roles as a store general manager, a regional director in Pennsylvania and Michigan, and director of process development. As a managing partner with DCR Systems LLC., he was responsible  for opening collision repair centers in Ohio and North Carolina.

A long time student of LEAN and the Toyota Production System, Dave enjoys working with shops to improve and implement processes that will improve their business and drive the results necessary  to compete in today’s challenging environment. He has also worked as a business development manager for Sherwin Williams and Summit Consulting International.

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Today, the world of collision repair is changing and changing rapidly. Telematics, Advanced Driver Assist Systems, Autonomous Vehicles, Pre and Post repairs scanning and system calibrations are here now and new technology is being introduced faster than at any other time.

 These advanced technologies are driving the need for shop’s to change how they think and operate. Without solid processes in place, shop’s will not be able to compete in this environment.